View Full Version : New Stonehenge discovered in Amazon

2006-Jun-28 Wed, 12:45
Interesting artical at www.msnbc.com. Excellent photos of what appears to be Stonehenge like structures recently discovered. Would make a great practice target.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Jun-28 Wed, 15:20

If there is something specific, please identify the specific link, not have everyone have to read everything at msnbc to find what your quoting.

Dick Allgire
2006-Jun-28 Wed, 23:36
It is not a great idea to post an article about something in public and then suggest it as a target. I just posted a target for viewers to work. This is my private, closely held secret. I didn't discuss it with my wife. I didn't tell Glenn. I hid it in a locked cabinet in my office. I don't want ANYONE to know anything about it, unless they find out the information by executing RV protocol methodology.

When you post a link with information about a target, that automatically disqualifies it as a target for at least six months, probably more like a year. Or it may be scrapped right from the start. HRVG does not view frontloaded. We don't view targets that are in the news. HRVG does not work targets that have been discussed with links posted here on the bulletin board.

If you find an interesting target and want to make sure that no one at HRVG works it any time soon, just be sure to put up a link right here on the BB. That will ruin it right away. It is contaminated, poisoned, ruined.

Did I make this clear?



2006-Jun-29 Thu, 05:57
Dick: Quite right. I was thinking more about one's own personal targets. I alread understand your policy about suggesting targets for HRVG. I have about three hundred of them wrapped in white paper and stuffed in white envelopes. I practice with these from time to time. I suspect others have practice targets as well, PLUS the ones on the internet. I didn't make myself clear. Was more excited about the new find in the Amazon. CHeck it out.(:-)

The like is http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13582228/