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2011-Jul-05 Tue, 13:29
Got the neurophone today but it's not working properly.

I used the line lead that came with the machine to connect the CD player to the Neurophone. The power was on both machines. I put the transducers on my head, on my face even on my ears and could get nothing. Either the transducers are no good or the machine has a malfunction. I put the transducers on my ears can could faintly hear the music but when I put them on the face and other parts of the head, nothing. I turned up the volume full on the CD player too. Nothing.

There are plans available on the net so maybe its possible to build one.

The Echo phone is NOT a neurophone. Its a bone machine: it uses bone conduction; the REAL flanagan Neuro machine does not....it bypasses all inner ear mechanisms completely.


2011-Jul-05 Tue, 21:46
A little more investigation....the transducer headset is no good. It might be possible to use the transducer from the Echofone if the company who makes them will sell me one. I might be able to fix the old ones. The leads inside the round transducer has come undone. Looks like just a simple wire sodered inside.
The electronics in the box is fine. I took the head set from my CD player and plugged it in and the sound came through loud and clear.

2011-Jul-06 Wed, 17:28
After fixing the wires/soldering them back into pace the headset is working properly. The music sounds far far away and there is a kind of static but the transducers are functioning now. I have been able to put them on different parts of my head and face and can hear. Just to see how it was operating I lifted the right side off my head while the other remained; the sound immediately stopped. The same happened when I lifted the other side. YOU are quite literally the link in the circuit.

This device must require long term use because I have felt nothing out of the ordinary.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Jul-07 Thu, 01:19
I believe radio shack has/stocks the headsets used by the neurophone. The copper plates must be clean and you should consider using a conductive gel between the plates and the skin. The Neurophone does take some getting used to. I quickly abandoned using the headset on my head and opted to place it on my knee and that worked for me. The sounds are weak at first and very high pitched but as you learn to process the electrical signals it will improve. I was never able to hear low bass sounds. This is a limitation of the electronics not the brain.


2011-Jul-07 Thu, 14:49
Radio Shack I went to says they no longer carry that item.