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Dick Allgire
2011-Jul-07 Thu, 19:48
Okay Robert,

You ask a lot of questions. Now it's my turn.

You have tasked a few targets recently and you know that you alone had the chain of custody and knew the target and we were given just the letters or number/letter ID's. You saw the work.

Do you believe remote viewing is real? Has your belief system or understanding changed in the past several months?



2011-Jul-07 Thu, 21:24
BOY is it real. I have seen too much here at HRVG, in the past ten years as a member, to think otherwise.

My interest in RV started quite by accident almost 13 years ago while looking up information on NDE (near-death experiences). I had already read Ken Rings books, Life at Death, Heading toward Omega, and Raymond Moody's books, Life after Life and the other of his books that followed. I had the good fortune to meet Ken at an IANDS convention where we talked extensively about the subject. While in the book store I saw Mind Trek by Joe McMonegale; flipping through it I came across his NDE's so I bought the book and read it through and through and then read it again, but this time I was intrigued the context in which his NDEs took place: remote viewer for the military.

I started out by searching the internet and came across Lynn Buchanan’s website on CRV. By this time I had already learned enough to stay away from sites by Ed Dames or the people who took up after him: Psi Tech or Technical Remote viewing. The reading I had done made me very suspicious of the groups, even though they seemed to be successful training people to RV.
Lynn was very generous with his time. I must have pestered him to death but he was patient and told me to find one group and stay with it; “Don’t try to mix and match.” he told me. I chose HRVG not because I knew any better but because the price for the CRV course was way out of line with my pocket book. When I added up the cost of just getting to New Mexico and the expense of his course I knew I had to find another way to learn RV if I were ever going to find out if it were not some hyped up fiction. I took Courtney Browns free SRV course and actually had some small success, but it was just too slow. Courtney presented his course in a very slow drawn out modulated tone of voice that really bored me to tears. No disrespect to Courtney but I believed then and still do that he needs to rethink that presentation. I had already known about HRVG and was asking a lot of questions on the forum and of Lynn himself; I think you know how it all ended as I have been with the Guild for ten years now. And besides, I am a visual person and like the idea of Blackboard.

It has changed my thinking in the most obvious ways; I have come to realize as Carl Sagan put it, we/I am made from the stuff of the stars.” I am made from the stuff the Universe is made of; how much at oneness can a person be? By at oneness I don’t mean some touchy feely idea; I simply mean that I am part of this physical universe and it is part of me. In my opinion that is an undeniable fact. You and I and everyone and all things including our consciousness are part of the universe. That being the case there is NO BOX to think outside of because the box is also part of the universe. There is only an expanding of the boxes perimeters. To paraphrase something Ken Ring said in his book “Life at Death,” he began to see there was nothing that left the body, no OBE, but rather there was a feeling of leaving the body. What was happening is that the consciousness was expanding. I agree with him. The universe can no more step outside of itself anymore than the box can step outside of the box; there is only the expanding of the conscious universe, which is not just itself but you and I and all things in it.

In a remarkable story told by Mellen-Thomas Benedict, his near-death experience show him that he was not going/traveling anywhere, but rather his consciousness was expanding at an incredible rate. See his story at
Mellen-Thomas Benedict - near-death experiences
www.near-death.com/experiences/reincarnation04.html - Cached

None of this means I have been transformed into a super nice guy with a shit eating grim on my face twenty-four seven; I am not. I have to deal with life just like everyone else. While I can see clearly that I am part of the whole universe as are you, that does NOT mean I have reached some spiritual high point where I can look FEEL at one and be relaxed and look out over the rest of the world and think “Oh you poor things.” I do not. I am not. But I am a lot better off than when I started this journey.

Being able to remote view has been an experience I cherish as it has shown me there is more to existence and life than I had really believed. But yes, sometimes it is still hard to believe because I spent the better part of my life living the "party line."

And also there are those incredible moments when three excellent viewers all go straight to the target as you, Dave and Tony did on this last session.