View Full Version : Too Much to do....

Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Jul-10 Sun, 13:00
Aloha All,

We are getting spread a bit thin. We have at least two major issues that will require a lot of attention. First and foremost is the completion of the project being managed by Debra. The collection phase is complete and we need to get that through the analytic effort and on to publication. Recent events also have occurred where a project completed by the Guild over 10 years ago finally has a solid feedback. Sita wrote about this project some years ago and we will need to hit the storage site and dig out all the session work and review the work in relationship to the now available feedback. Preliminary review seems to indicate that we did very well on that project and I believe it would be very beneficial to bring a bit of closure to that project. In addition we will beginning a major project as announced earlier.

Finally we need to stop with all high impact targets. Any ancillary targets worked within the Guild needs to be for validation only. We simply have too much to do to keep sticking new irons into the fire. Take a break, let's crunch some data and get ready for the big S-7 Annex-A project.


2011-Jul-11 Mon, 10:55
I will bring sessions tonight. Dick, are you available any earlier than regular class time or tomorrow?