View Full Version : S-7 Annex A Presentation

Dick Allgire
2011-Jul-20 Wed, 17:07
as we review S-7 Annex A to launch Cartier Melange, maybe we should have movie night and watch my IRVA presentation on Determining Location.
Follow that up with a review of protocols.

I'm burning a DVD right now.


Dick Allgire
2011-Jul-22 Fri, 22:15
Ooops.. I have to work Monday night. I won't be there. Maybe I can get the DVD to Glenn or Debra so everyone can watch this as a review.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Jul-25 Mon, 02:00
Aloha Dick,

Excellent idea. I have been placing a lot of thought towards the next project. S-7 Annex-A is one aspect of our work that is totally unambiguous and leads to a mathematical conclusion. Annex-B and C likewise should get their own project look.