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Cheryle Hopton
2011-Jul-24 Sun, 08:32
IRVA would like to announce a new Yahoo! target list for members. FOCAL POINT is
not the average remote viewing discussion group. It is restricted to those IRVA
members who wish to actively remote view new targets, post their sessions to the
list, and participate in group discussions about those results. A new target
will be posted to the list every two weeks. After two weeks, the target feedback
will be provided, and the list members can upload their sessions and discuss the
results. The targets on this list will not involve any disturbing data, and are
appropriate for all skill levels.

All remote viewing methodologies and skill levels are welcome, and posts
regarding someone else's work are expected to be thoughtful and helpful.

Sandy Ray and Bill Ray will be your group moderators/instructors. Sandy is a
trained remote viewer and instructor with over 25 years experience, and she is
the initiator of the Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) Stage 4.5. She has also
acted as the IRVA Treasurer since 2001. William (Bill) Ray is a former Military
Remote Viewer, Commander of the STAR GATE RV Unit, instructor, and frequent IRVA
Conference Master of Ceremonies.

If you are a current IRVA member, you can subscribe by sending an email to:

If, for some reason you have trouble subscribing, please do not hesitate to
email us at contact@...

We hope you will find FOCAL POINT a valuable place to work and learn.

Cheryle Hopton

2011-Jul-24 Sun, 10:32
Hi Cheryle:

I would like to hear more about this. I am targeteer here at HRVG but obviously can't do the targets I post. I've done practice targets from our archives but would like to do something fresh and meet some new people. Is there a subscription to join?

Hope YOU TO will do some of the targets I post here at HRVG.

Cheryle Hopton
2011-Jul-25 Mon, 04:17

The FOCAL POINT list is a benefit for all IRVA members. If you have already joined IRVA, and I think most of the HRVG folks have, all you need to do is use the link to subscribe.