View Full Version : Monday Night's class is a go!

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Jul-02 Sun, 02:24

A new series of practical applications (practicals) will be beginning this next Monday night (July 3rd). Dick has been very motivated about getting the next series of numeric entrainments underway. Some of us are revamping our boards to prepare and we welcome Jason and Jared into the exercise. In addition we will begin the first in a series of Roulette exercises. The Roulette exercises will be explained at class and if I have time I will prepare another Roulette entrainment for the Monday. So keep your wits about you and don't blink.

The recent RV project on "The Room" is now complete. No additional work will be accepted. By now everyone has feedback and analysis is underway. Additional feedback will be available after the collateral data is released.

I think the lessons learned in the Room will serve you well as we convert back to standard targeting. Jared has made some progress I believe in the new targeting software so with luck it will be active on the website soon.

Also the new Richard Ireland DVD is in the library as well as Russell Targ's new book.

Aloha Glenn