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2011-Jul-29 Fri, 11:21
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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A Belgian UFO photograph that became a worldwide hit was faked with a piece of polystyrene, one of the people behind the picture has revealed more than 20 years later in a TV interview.
"You can do a lot with a little, we managed to trick everyone with a piece of polystyrene," said one of the forgers, identified only as Patrick, who says he pulled it off at the age of 18 with some colleagues.
"We made the model with polystyrene, we painted it and then we started sticking things to it, then we suspended it in the air ... then we took the photo," he said in an interview with French-language broadcaster RTL, which was transmitted late on Tuesday.
The photograph, taken in 1990, became a sensation after it was circulated around the world. It became known as Petit-Rechain picture, after the Belgian town where it was purported to have been taken.
It was closely associated with a period known as the "Belgian UFO wave," which involved a series of reports of UFO sighting between 1989 and 1990.
In one sighting in November 1990, which was later explained as a soviet satellite breaking up, dozens of people in Belgium reported a triangular object with three lights flying slowly and soundlessly, according to a Reuters report at the time.
(Reporting by Ben Deighton; Editing by Alison Williams)

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Ok, please listen up; there is nothing wrong with healthy skepticism. A pity MORE people are not skeptical; If so they would not have elected Osama...opps...I mean Obama. But then there are professional debunkers who are every bit as "way out there," as there are “crack pots,” and some of their ideas. Debunkers of UFO’s have some profoundly stupid reasons for why “things don’t and can’t happen.” If they would just listen to themselves perhaps they would turn red in the face and shut up!
The fact remains that there ARE some UFO cases that cannot be easily explained away; the Belgian incident is just one of them. As many as two thousand people spread over Belgium saw these objects. Yes OBJECTS; there were not just one but up to three or four of them each of different shapes. The triangle took front page because there was an actual photo and because it was verified on radar. F-16’s were scrambled and could not catch these things. The “forger’s” referred to in the above article, never did their home work; if they had they would have realized that the more educated of us would catch them in their lie.
If you want to be a skeptic then fine and good but at least do YOUR home work and don’t just say something doesn’t exist because you want to be on the prevailing/winning side or look good. The two forgers are betting that most of you will accept their story without even thinking about it. Of course if you really don’t care and are here spouting off just to be spouting off, that’s another thing altogether. My point is THINK people don’t just accept the lead of someone else.


Harry Anonymous Yesterday

Sorry to disappoint skeptics but these so called forgers are lying. Think about it;people: these two nut cases/debunkers would have to be dancing really fast to cover the territory over which this object was seen! This is just a case where to debunkers can't find away to explain the object so have to lie about. And why wait twenty years? If you believe their #$%$ then you all need to start taking a good look at yourselves. Credible witness saw this object take off at incomprehensible speeds. It's just another example of people with closed minds.