View Full Version : When will I ever learn?

2011-Aug-20 Sat, 20:03
Tony sent me a practice to do; GTST-CYDY. As I started working through the procedures
I kept thinking, "This is nonsense. I'm just making this up. It's pure fiction." Boy was I wrong! When Tony
sent me the feed back I was amazed. To me a good target is when I nail the target right on the head. I did not
nail this target on the head but I did get plenty of congruent data to support the target. I wasn't such a bad session after all.
You would think that after 10 years I would know not to second guess myself, but Noooooo. Slow learner I guess.223

Dick Allgire
2011-Aug-21 Sun, 21:47

Very nice work on the target. I am amazed that someone can perform at this level after learning at a distance. We in Hawaii have the luxury of many, many hours in class, many lectures by Glenn, seeing work of others, discussing feedback.

Remember, there is no instruction in our protocol methodology to think about the data you are producing or wonder if it is correct. Just put it down and move on. Put down EVERYTHING that enters your consciousness, but don't wonder to yourself if it is right or wrong. When something unexpected or something you don't understand pops up, put it down, follow it, move on. This is reinforced repeatedly for those of us here in person. Keep going and have fun.




2011-Aug-22 Mon, 06:14
It is harder long distance this way; but helpful. I know how you feel Robert. As we discussed, trying to keep things on schedule for me is harder. I need to start making a designated time for viewing and meditation. When will I ever learn? That's what is so great for their group in Hawaii. They have a designated time to set everything aside and do this.

I started out with Dick when my mom was real sick and I had no life. It was easy to turn to it and stop worrying and do something else. But; not that life has returned to 'normal' and I am getting a life back in my life; it is incumbent on me to designate my own time and that's hard.

But, things are settled down enough with getting my apt furnished and work that I can begin to establish those habits.

I got zapped by an unexpected lucid dreaming event last night and because I was unprepared; I couldn't draw it.