View Full Version : DLWO-OTWR An EXCELLENT Piece of work By Debra

2011-Aug-22 Mon, 18:25
A while back our viewers did the following target: DLOW-OTWR.
The target was a photo of a crashed/shot down Dorniers German
WW Two plane shot down in the Battle for Britian.

"RAF fighters destroyed at least six, losing three of their own planes.
The pilot of stricken 1160, Willi Effmert, 24, made an emergency landing on Goodwin Sands, a ten-mile sandbank, at low tide.
Two of the crew died, while Effmert and another were captured. As the tide came in, the wreck sank and came to rest on its back, gradually becoming covered by sand.
It remained there until a fishing boat snagged its net on the wreckage and a recreational diver went to investigate.
Tests using hi-tech sonar equipment and thermal imaging confirmed that shifting sands had uncovered the Dornier.
Mr Thirsk said: ‘Very few Dorniers survived the war.
‘They were either shot down or they were scrapped. After the war the German people didn’t want to remember, so aircraft like that were destroyed.’
The RAF Museum, which has been working with Wessex Archaeology to survey the site, hopes to put the plane on show as part of a Battle of Britain display and is bidding for cash from heritage organisations to cover the costs.
Souvenir hunters and divers have been warned not to take bits of the plane. They could face prosecution because the wreck is Ministry of Defence property."

Debras session is an example of an excellent piece of work.