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Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Sep-18 Sun, 22:27
Aloha All,

With the Cartier Mélange project beginning soon things will be a bit busy. October 1st will begin the selection and Targeteering of the prime locations to be tasked to the Viewer Platform in the “Calibration” phase of the project. Sita Seery has been designated as the Targeteer of Record for the Cartier Mélange project.

In addition to Cartier Mélange we will have project “Mr. Blue Sky” underway as well. While Mr. Blue Sky is an exercise in Entrainment, it will use the same Calibration locations as Cartier Mélange and will be processed as a separate project.

Mr. Blue Sky is a concept derived from previous Guild work dealing specifically with Masking and Entrainment and work done on the Message to the Past. I will give a lecture on Monday night at class on the theory behind Mr. Blue Sky and how it will work. I will also need to identify a volunteer to be the Mr. Blue Sky viewer.

When we think about the possibilities from those things we have learned and developed over the years, these two projects are only a beginning.