View Full Version : Do you use remote viewing to guide your life?

Dick Allgire
2006-Jul-02 Sun, 21:15
Do you sit down and work structured remote viewing sessions to plot the course of your life?

How is it working?



2006-Jul-03 Mon, 10:22
Dick, your question is much deeper then you realize.

Allow me to wax philosophical here, and give you some context before I give you my experience with this.

First I want you to consider something…

… Your mind, your thoughts, your beliefs, your frame of reference, your experiential life fabric to draw from… all those things are going to very much determine how and what decisions you make.

The trouble is that relying on those things can only give you more of the same. In laymen’s terms… If your life sucks now and you continue to make decisions the same way it’s going to continue to suck. You can’t rely on your own mind. Your only hope of transcending who you are is through inspiration that does not come from you, or through a mentor/teacher relationship with someone who is “wise”. Wise… well here is how I would define that…

Wisdom: The ability to transcended your thoughts, opinions, or beliefs about the subject at hand and see it as it is, not worse then it is, not better, not different or skewed in any way, but simply as it is.

Oh how hard it is to really transcend your thoughts about something. Try it now. See if you can do it.

So anyone who has become “wise” has learned to do this in one way or another.

But not on one a thousand I would say can do this.

Learning to do this is the first step to accessing inspiration.

With remote viewing though, we can do this in a very systematic fashion.

I imagine you are considering the optimal trajectory cue in reference to your quesiton… that is only a tiny margin of how to use RV to guide your life. Just looking at an event can give you insight.

For instance… say you wanted to know what the Presidents motives are for the invasion of Iraq. Well, if you were given a properly cued blind target you could know that. And from that information you could determine if the war effort was something you ethically or morally wanted to be part of, or if it is something that his motives for the war are not what you can support.

That single piece of knowledge could determine a significant path of your life… especially if you were someone in the military.

And that would not be determined by your political opinion, or your opinions about war, or your opinion about Bush, but rather as the situation is! You see, what we are doing is transcending our thoughts and beliefs about the matter by remote viewing the target blind.

Now I want you to consider something else. This is along the lines of a theory I have based on experience with RV.

Have you ever met someone that just by meeting this person and being in their presence your life was changed forever?

Have you ever traveled to a place and experience it in a way that completely changed the way that you look at reality?

Well, with remote viewing we are doing that on a much deeper level...

So my theory is this… All things emanate from “a field” for lack of a better word. And it is the nature and quality of this field that determines that person or things reality in the physical world.

Things, EVERYTHING, is what it is as a consequence of the nature of this field.

So let’s take a sick person as an example… they aren’t sick because of some causative event… but rather they are sick as a consequence of what they are…. As a consequence of the field they emanate from. To understand this you must take a leap of faith away from causality.

Causality is one level of truth, but it is not the absolute level.

So back to the field…

… To cure this person you would have to change the field from which they emanate. If you were able to do that nothing could not be cured. If you review the cases of spontaneous healings they all have commonalities (I won’t go in them here, but they have very much to do with level of “consciousness” of the person). So with this module we can explain someone going to bed with a grapefruit size of cancer, waking up cured.

So what does this have to do with RV?

Well, imagine I have 2 fields. Imagine I bring them into proximity (or even both under observation) with each other. What will happen? Well, we know that with entrainment they will tend to seek equilibrium. I would also suggest though, that the weaker field will tend to entrain to the more powerful field if it is in fact powerful enough.

What am I doing when I remote view?

A deep question, however very much part of the process I believe is bringing your “field” into proximity or “rapport” with the target field.

… You not only walk away from the session with data about the target, but your “field” is forever changed at some level by working that target. (This is only of course my theory).

Think for a moment about the cases of near death experience. The person is usually forever changed by the event. Well, I would suggest that the person was changed because of the “field” they were associated with during that experience.

I have worked targets that I walked away a changed person… Not just small changes, but transformational changes.

The data I got from the target was insignificant to the effect working the target had on me.

Was this in away guiding my life? YES, very much so.

So, let’s consider something else…

When you have a tough decision to make, what do you do? Well, me, I look for advice from someone who I consider “wise” in that area. Trouble is there isn’t too many of those out there.

But what if… what if you could seek the advice from anyone across space and time?

Well, with remote viewing we can do just that.

The more I do this the more I realize that mind really is out side of space and time. And that we share at some level the mind of everyone else.

So, I can have a conversation in a way with any other mind. I can pose a question to them, and I can get back their answer completely customized to me, to my situation in current time.

I hear some shouting BLASPHAMY! But I have worked enough of these types of sessions to know that this is in fact the case.

So I would argue that remote viewing is not a passive event. It goes far beyond that.

After laying all this “verbose” context so you understand my answer….

Yes I have used remote viewing to guide my life and make life decisions, and have only been the better for it. Through this powerful tool I have been able to transcend ways of thinking that kept me shackled. Who I am today is very much a consequence of a few very key target fields I have been in proximity to.