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Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Oct-06 Thu, 23:38
Aloha All,

Just a heads up, Debra's forensic project that many of you worked on will be highlighted as the feature article in the next issue of IRVA's Aperture publication. I also understand that this next issue of Aperture will be an online E-Zine style publication. Congrats to Debra for a very coherent RV project dealing with a very serious subject matter. Personally a project of this magnitude could only have been done by us. The online edition of Aperture should be free to the public for at least a couple of editions so you need not be an IRVA member to view it, but I would recommend joining IRVA if you are not a member already.

A very nice job Debra, congratulations.


2011-Oct-07 Fri, 18:05
Thanks, Glenn. Now I need the support to continue with my Red Obelisk project. I need to focus!