View Full Version : Geomagnetic Index

Dick Allgire
2011-Oct-12 Wed, 20:19
You want to work sessions when the geomagnetic index is low, and it is 13:30 Sidereal at your location.



Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Oct-13 Thu, 01:17
A light is always brightest in the pitch of night. While it is always there, we cannot perceive the illumination of the distant stars until our ambient light retreats to our umbra of night. An analogy for mind and the illumination of the fields that service our use of the consciousness about us. When the geomagnetic index is low we are less dampened, less noisy, both electrically and magnetically. It has always seemed easier for me to collect my thoughts in the late night or early morning; many of my posts here are recorded well after midnight. For the viewer in search of a quiet mind there are more than a few considerations. Sidereal time tells us how much celestial noise blankets us and the geomagnetic index likewise gives us a gauge of the floor of our planetary noise. When both our sidereal quiet peaks with a low geomagnetic index, what you are shines very brightly. The night is for the dreamers and viewers…