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2011-Nov-05 Sat, 12:16
Anybody home? Been quiet lately.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Nov-07 Mon, 23:50
Aloha Michele,

It has been very quiet here but a lot has been going on lately. Dick and Debra are almost finished with a very lengthy project and work is still being done on the targeting for our next project. I will write more this week since I have more free time. My day job has been very busy, actually a lot busier than I like but I have most of the new work completed. I just finished switching a Waikiki hotel over to a complete wireless Internet system and will be doing another building over the Christmas break for student housing. So way too much work to do but their simply aren't enough techs or engineers out here in the islands for all the work that is needed. I will be sure to post more this week :)


Dick Allgire
2011-Nov-09 Wed, 09:52
I tagged one of the Cain accusers. When the story first came out, I knew photos would emerge. So I sat down and looked on Blackboard.
Glenn will confirm I sent him the sketch prior to the woman's identity being revealed. Just a bit of fun you can have challenging yourself with RV skills. I got feedback today when her photo was published on a news site.

2011-Nov-10 Thu, 06:01
Wow, great tagging work, Dick! You remote viewer, you!!

2011-Nov-10 Thu, 07:22
Hahahaha. Glad you said it and not me(:-)