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2011-Nov-10 Thu, 05:56
As a rule, all remote viewing session work consists of 3 parts, good data, bad data, and contamination.
Throughout the years which members of the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild have been viewing targets, we have come to know each other quite well. We know which viewers have certain proclivities to repetitive data of interest to their own subconscious awareness; we know that some viewers will do well on certain targets (profiling), and others tend to gravitate toward certain types of targets. We also know what types of targets will be generated by certain tasking agents, especially if the individual tasking a target is well known in the community to send a variation of the same type of targets to be worked. For example, we may have an individual who is devoted to learning more about mechanical structure targets. That individual may present a large variety of targets to be worked with an underlying mechanical footprint to the targeting process. If the individual does not diversify his or her target selection, eventually, viewers familiar with the individual will know that any target encrypted by that one individual will ostensibly have some mechanical attribute to it. Tasking agents who consistently provide the same type of target for viewing arbitrarily establish a form of expectation or contamination into the overall work of the viewer. In order to counter this, the remote viewer should be insulated from the Tasker and the Targeteer during the process. There should always be a target pool administrator to provide oversight and add that additional bit of target blindness to the remote viewing architecture.

The best method we have used to counter certain types of viewer session contamination is through the use of a target authority. This is a central figure who serves as the focal publisher of targets to the Guild. The administrator would review all targets to determine whether the work was appropriate for viewing. The screening process was designed by a target committee composed of guild members. This committee set the guidelines for targets to be worked by the Guild; issues concerned with ethics and suitability were adopted and implemented. Targets of interest would then be placed in a rotation to be worked by Guild members.

What needs to be protected most is the viewer mindset in the approach to the target. Preparation can be difficult if the viewer has knowledge of the tasker. The system used to pass targets to the viewers must be trustworthy and not laced with any expectations. The viewer needs a quiet mind and reasonable chance to approach a target with no contamination.

One way to ensure the integrity of targets submitted for viewing is to establish a target portal throughout the current remote viewing community, regardless of the methodology used. There is a concept known as the BTB or Blind Transmission Broadcast where tasking for various agents worldwide would tune in and pick up their messages. A system could be devised so that Targeteers could login to the portal and place a viewer code and a target ID to be viewed. I would recommend that the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) take this project on and enlist the various schools to design it. This will always ensure that the viewer will have viable targets to be worked under the parameters which make remote viewing an enjoyable, educational, and a unique experience.

 Sita

2011-Nov-12 Sat, 17:19
It is certainly true that we have our favorite taskers, and it is true that, as we get deeper into the session, our pre-concieved notions about that tasker's agenda definitely colors the session. Fortunately, analysis should eke out any misdirections we may have taken along the way but it is a crazy ride as we are viewing, with us remembering a past target that this person gave or some area that this person is intrigued with and trying to follow that thread.

A tasker giving a succession of targets which may or may not be linked through time or space or some other variable plays havoc on the viewers mind and has us question the veracity of our work. A situation like this definitely merits having a different targeteer and random number generated target ids.

In theory, everything you said is valid but our problem is the lack of people who are available to dedicate their time to be a "target authority" , etc. For example, this last project that I tasked, the Red Obelisk Project (Future Spaceport) has monumental amounts of intriguing data but we don't have a blind to the target analyst and have to go out of protocol by allowing several of us do the analysis though we know the target. Also, this target may not have gotten through the target authority because of its possible undertones of extra- terrestrial life and contact. Coming to an agreement with the different RV schools may be a challenge but we may be able to get some great projects done.

I believe several years ago, Jared set up a login site with targets similar to what you are proposing. It may still be operational, I will try to find my notes on it.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Nov-13 Sun, 03:25
They’re certainly times when looking back we see flaws here and there. The tasking mechanism is a very vulnerable aspect of the Remote viewing process. In an ideal world viewers would never know their taskers and shouldn’t. Logistics and planning often limit how a group of viewers can function.

The idea of a tasking net or BTB is an excellent example of getting the tasker out of the viewer playground. Teachers would not necessarily need such a tool, but trained viewers could easily collect their targets off a site that looped viewer ID’s and Target ID’s. Key individuals in the various schools could log in and post targets into the broadcast rotation. Maybe Dave has some ideas on how this could work.

The problem of contamination is greater with the more experience you acquire. Maintaining a blind condition is difficult and many viewers are never blind because they know the origin of the tasking. If you regularly worked targets for the Police or an investigator are you really blind? Not likely because you understand the type of taskings you receive from a source such as this. It will be a murder, a missing person, or some other type of crime but you have an open door for contamination and have lost a true blind condition. Psychics work in a bit different way and tasker knowledge is less of a problem for them. Mindset is everything to the viewer starting work on a target. Likewise the viewer must prepare and gain a degree of discipline in clearing their mind and learning to really engage the individual protocol for their own actions.

Viewers need to work a variety of targets that are a mixture of validation, and operational taskings and need a tasking system that doesn’t compromise their run up to the target.

Keep your wits about you.