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2006-Feb-20 Mon, 15:20
Hi all,
Sorry I missed the demo on entrainment. Speaking of entrainment...I was disentrained by the interruption of my circadian rhythm...better known as jet lag.

Anyway, found something in an old paperback book called the Cycles of Heaven. This book was written in 1979 but wanted to share excerpts out of a chapter on "bioentrainment." Coincidentally, the book was written by Guy Playfair and Scott Hill...how cool is that???

They mention something called Homo electromagneticus" as being part of the electromagnetic environment as a household appliance is part of the domestic circuit. Mankind, throughout his physical life, is situated within the fields, tides and currents of the universe and subjected to their influences. Our biosystem is very sensitive to external EM effects, yet our bodies have natural rhythms that are close to that of nature. They describe bioentrainment as that which happens when a free running biological cycle meets an external input in the right frequency range and of the right amplitude, or the process by which living beings become locked on to cycles, rhythms or waves from outside our body limits. They state that it is interesting to note that the most fundamental component of a living being, the DNA molecule, is in the form of a helix or spiral, which is the way life energies have been represented in mystic tradition for thousands of years. Can you imagine our futuristic textbooks? "In the beginning was the Field..."

They state that acupuncture has as one of its traditional features, a network of points, or "loci", dotted across the skin and mostly linked to meridians, channels that convey the stimulus from the needle to the respective organ. There are points on the skin where a detectable change in electrical skin resistance exists, and they just happen to coincide with the acupuncture points. When the Sun sends us extra bursts of radiation and causes a geomagnetic storm, our immediate EM environment is shaken up and may affect the electrical acupoint potential of our skin. Hmmm, sounds like bioentrainment.

Another example of entrainment in nature is the correlation between the Moon and fertility. The California grunion fish, for example lays its eggs in the sea at the very moment of peak high tide, and lets the waves deposit them on the sand, where they wait to be hatched upon immersion during the next high tide. How's that for family planning?

Anyway, thought I would share some of these aspects of entrainment with you. The book is very old...was written in 1979 when very few people even heard of the cycles of heaven.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Feb-20 Mon, 20:37
Aloha Sita,

It was very interesting to discuss this with you earlier today. It highlights something that has been bothering me lately. There was some years back a great deal of printed material from credentialed academics on topics related to bio-entrainment as well as topics related to anomalous consciousness events that have been totally ignored by many in the community. Most publications, books, articles, and papers from a generation past are not mentioned and not considered. The push seems to place Targ, Swann, Puthoff, and just a few others as the originators of what we understand to be anomalous cognition. I would like to see more from that time surface especially from those publications in relation to work done at J.B. Rhine as well as some of the very interesting work from the UK as well as India.

In a recent debate with Paul Smith in another forum he stated that he considered the SRI research to be authoritative and definitive. There is no way possible this could be true in my opinion. Our attention is being focused on just a few select figures in the past when there was a great deal of viable research being done from the 60's through the early 80's. Our opinions are being shaped to discount the possibility of certain things including EMF propagation and RV, when there is no hard evidence to do so. When the smoke clears someday down the road we should be able to establish the continuity of RV data from the viewer to the site and then back to the viewer. More than likely it will be a discovery by an advertising agency that sorts it out.