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Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Jul-02 Sun, 21:31

I have always hoped along the way that people would see the stark beauty in the simple collection of information using Remote Viewing. I hoped that by seeing what they had done or could do, or witnessing what other's had done that they themselves would set aside the beliefs in the esoteric, the arcane, or the childish. Setting aside and letting go the intangible and the irrational for the logic of what we see, is a positive evolution of mind.

When I ask myself what I believe it is seldom something that I need to really ponder. I, like most, have beliefs that some would find odd or strange and I am unwilling to let some of them go because although I have no proffer of proof, I have experiences or reasons to believe. I have been careful to keep these outside my involvement in Remote Viewing because by their nature they are not conducive to a stable Remote Viewing mindset.

Any single unique ability needs to maintain its' integrity and balance. My hopes were that Remote Viewing would keep its' identity and integrity and progress within science to a point where we would begin to reconcile the mysteries with people intelligent enough to quantify them. Remote Viewing requires a clean environment to facilitate examination of its' possibilities, potentials, and performance levels. Clarity is becoming non existent as we continue to clash with the ingress of the community architecture by every new age inclemency that relentlessly attempts to give Remote Viewing an agenda of their choosing, of their belief.

There is softness in the architecture that allows this. People who could stop it do not. Organizations that could stop it do not. Much of my hope has turned to anger as the forums all cave one by one to the pressure to acquiesce and allow the unrestrained proliferation of what can only be characterized as utter nonsense. The IRVA is the Beacon, the Fortress, and the home of Remote Viewing's guidon. The loss of the IRVA's forum to the horde and host of esoterica robs Remote Viewing of a much needed, pedigreed, voice. It marks a time of great caution as those of us that care wonder about the tomorrow of Remote Viewing.

IRVA and its' officers have a responsibility to speak clearly in regards to Remote Viewing. It is diligence I would expect from any organization or business. As a member of IRVA I am concerned that the failure to moderate and promote on the IRVA forum a productive discourse on Remote Viewing has left it in its current state. It is a curiosity why the inane are allowed to preach nonsense on bandwidth intended for Remote Viewing. Do we just want everyone to like us or do we lack the fortitude to hold our own ground. If it's just a numbers game then is this who we are recruiting into our midst? Are we dependant on the masses of the UFO whackos and Psychic Barney's to fill our ranks and give us some sense of inflated structure or corrupted posture of importance?

In the land of the blind the One-eyed man is King, but King of what?

Too much of what we allow is bad. It is bad for Remote Viewing and bad for science. The community needs steerage and stewardship and needs to pull back from the brink of its demise to the inanity of minds in calamity. Do what you can to stop the tide. Don't encourage those who just want you to tolerate or believe their nonsense. Steer chats and discussions into positive directions in regards to Remote Viewing. Just find a line and stick to it. Don't be pushed back away from it. You do not have to accept their line of madness. Unless we maintain our identity all those who want to express themselves about Remote Viewing and their experiences will continue to be hesitant to paticipate in, or support the exchange of information on Remote Viewing.

Enough is enough, take a position.