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2011-Nov-11 Fri, 10:49
Several years ago, there was a book written by someone with a single name: Solara, titled 11-11. For some of us, the double digit numbers would make itself known to us, everytime I would look at my watch, it would happen to be at 11:11, and after it occurred several times in a row, I began to notice a pattern. I would glance at my watch at work and find it was 4:44, and next time I looked a it, I would see 5:55, then 11:11. In fact, I hit the 11:11 so many times I thought I was receiving some type of message from the great beyond, out there in the etherland, the astral world, the happy hunting ground...but ironically, the mystery of why I even glanced at my watch during those times had me stumped. I found the book after these incidents began to occur, beginning sometime in 2006. Throug numerology, I learned how energy was doubled or quadrupled during these power number time periods, so today is not only Veteran's Day, it is a mega power day spiritually, energetically, and vibrationally at the atomic cellular level of every living organism, and then graduating at the highest level (the level of the violet vibration). Without looking up any new age "stuff," I know that for some people whatever good happens will be manifold, and whatever negative issues happens, will also be manifold. Today is probably a good day to reflect, perhaps try viewing tonight at 11:11. Would be interesting to see how the planetary energy unfolds. Perhaps today begins another mark on the evolutionary ladder of conscious awakening, howevr subtle it may be. Perhaps tomorrow would be a goo time to reflect back on today and compare our thought processes, emotions, and see how the planet reacts. If we are truly all connected at the etheric level, then this would signify a major shift in awareness.

2011-Nov-11 Fri, 17:40
I like to watch at the global level as well. I have mentioned a book that I have that synthesizes numerology, tarot and astrology all together. The autumn is the time of the Knight of the Sword. This is a time for dividing the true from the false. Seems to be alot of that going around lately.