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Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Jul-14 Fri, 02:18
Aloha All,

Monday night's class was intended to demonstrate the effect of noise on entrainment. For these purposes I want you to include a few abstract concepts about noise. I want you to consider primarily distraction and ways to limit distraction. On Monday I gave everyone a fixed amount of casino chips in which to bet on a single color selection on the roulette playing field. In dollars it would have been $325.00. Given the previous entrainment using the two chess pieces where we were able to see "Affinity", I wanted to demonstrate what happens when noise is literally injected into the process.

The Blue pawn was placed in the position where one would bet on black to win. The White pawn was placed off the board and its' position would be determined by the spin of the wheel and drop of the ball. If Affinity still existed between the two pieces then theoretically randomness would favor a black number being selected in the play. It should be safe to say that if you were to only bet on black to win that you would hedge beyond 50/50 and should be able to break the bank. What wasn't being considered was that little requirement to "Bet" and what it would do to the entrainment.

Now the player rules were that they could bet on only black but could pass and not bet as they saw fit for any particular play. They could also bet any amount that they had.

So what happened?

Each player lost his or her bankroll in record times as red dominated the fall of the ball. Jared and Anne survived a bit longer than the rest but the outcome was the same. Probability says that if you bet each iteration of play you should win as often as you lose in a binary random event. This was not the case as each found out when they took their turn to risk their chips.

So what happened?

The activity of betting and its' psychological noise contaminated the environment and the noise floor rose above level of viability for the affinity entrainment as it was designed. The entrainment became buried in the noise as the focus on the environment shifted to one of betting and winning. This doesn't mean that an entrainment can't be designed for a betting environment, just that this entrainment was not. After class Jared had lingered a bit at the table and we discussed the entrainment and what happened to it. With all the chips off the table and just the two pawns in the environment I had Jared place the Blue pawn back in the field. The wheel was spun and the ball dropped and just like last weeks class the white pawn began to follow the blue pawn. Affinity was alive and well and each time I spun the wheel the drop of the ball placed the White pawn beside to the Blue pawn.

We must look to design and learn where the noise floor is; we must maintain our mental clarity and discipline. To take entrainment into Remote Viewing we must see it, understand it, and control it.