View Full Version : Last Chance G9H1-R8M9 and P2S6-H8D2

Dick Allgire
2006-Jul-23 Sun, 20:14
There has not been a lot of work turned on these targets. It's actually one target with a subcue. But some of the work is good.

I'm going to break the seal and give feedback, primarily because Anne (of the Monday night group) did such a wonderful session, with one of the most perfect Visual Ideograms ever. I look at the target cue (which I alone know) and then look at Anne's Visid (first 3 second attempt to see target) and it's all there. Her sub saying, "You want to know what THIS is? Okay it's this!" Had we put Anne into S-5 with a monitor it would have been awesome.

I'll have more to say about this when the feedback is actually posted.

John M. (online) also sent a good session. You can see John's subconscious giving him the data- like someone slapping you in the face with a trout.

If you want to work and submit data get it done. I'm going to feedback Anne and John soon and then publish Anne's session.



The Glacier Bear
2006-Jul-27 Thu, 06:42
Once upon a time in a country far far away...there was a little burmese man walking down the beach moving from one group of people to the next trying to pawn off fake gems on the beach when he happens to cross a couple of representatives from the U.S. Institute of Gemology... the rest of the story...well we can save that for another day...

I am going to submit work for the target ID G9H1-R8M9 and S7 Annex A with subcue P2S6-H8D2 for analysis...

Call ya later...