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Dick Allgire
2006-Jul-24 Mon, 23:16
Can HRVG change the past?

Or can we send a message to the future?

Interesting class on Monday night. We’ve been tasked to design an experiment that employs entrainment, emulation, and good old-fashioned remote viewing to create an effect that can allow a non-local event to unfold across time.

Let’s say an airline mechanic was doing the mundane task of installing screws- but the wrong sized screws- in the window of an MD-80 jetliner, a jetliner that later had a window blow out at altitude with catastrophic results because the screws failed.

Now let's consider that a remote viewer was tasked to view the mechanic maintenance event. The viewer would be there at the event observing him. A good viewer in S-5 bilocation (able to maintain target contact for longer that a few brief seconds) would obtain sensory data from the mechanic. Their “fields” – their subconscious awareness would overlap for that time. This is how RV data is exchanged. If the viewer obtains information from the target, then can the target not obtain some sensory data from the overlapping field of the viewer?

We believe so, but the reverse channel is extremely weak. Most people don’t know what’s going on around them. How could they be expected to “feel” something when they were being remote viewed? Let's not even call it an "influence." How could a viewer design a method to exert a brief bit of sensory overlap? The viewer is at the remote location. The fields are co-mingled. Can the viewer create an entrainment at the remote location?

If the mechanic had a bit of indecision when he selected the wrong sized screws could a remote viewer project and amplify feelings of indecision, doubt, fear, a sense that something was somehow just not quite right? Would the mechanic pause and check the screws because of that?

Locations are entrained not people. If a sense of doubt, fear, a sense of something wrong was created at a remote location might an inspector come in and decide to double check the screws that were put in the window that night?

Would it prevent the window from blowing out? Would there then be no record of an airline disaster at this time? Would news accounts of the event cease to exist in our time?

The problem as Glenn has explained several times is the matter of GAIN. A remote viewer exerts the force of a falling leaf at best. One would need an elegant and well thought out design. But could we change the past?

How about the future? For quite some time we have been demonstrating some interesting results with poker chips, roulette numbers, and other alpha-numeric markers. Roulette spins that show an affinity for a particular color or number that defy probability and randomness. Numbers on randomized chips that turn up beyond any statistical probability. Entrainment. We’ve seen too many demonstrations by Glenn, where he writes down a color and number before the spin. The viewer selects a color and number (with no prior knowledge) and that’s exactly what comes up. Or Glenn has a particular chip noted beforehand and that's the one that turns up. Glenn had entrained a location.

Could chips on our entrainment board spell out a message that will be encoded in tomorrow’s newspaper? If you assigned letters to specific numbers and rehearsed and observed and observed and rehearsed enough could the Colorado Lottery spell out ALOHA next Saturday? It will be an interesting test. I know Glenn can do it. The task is for the HRVG members to design – and then execute – such an experiment.

Change a past event. Or send a message to the past, or send a message to the future?

It is getting very interesting.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Jul-25 Tue, 20:55
Aloha Dick & All,

We have been together for many years. Along the way I have exposed the Guild to many concepts and applications. Some years back when I first introduced the concepts of Entrainment I was planning for the day when the light bulbs would come on and you would start to put together the puzzle that HRVG methodology actually is. I saw the light in Jason's eyes last night as he made some very astute connections. These were connections he could not make unless he had the information, knowledge, experience, and belief that we have forged in the Guild.

There is certainly a great deal to consider when we tackled last night's topic of models to change the past. There are some very key considerations we must accept, believe, and adhere to. The way we think must be adjusted to give focus to the task at hand. Given that environments are entrainable and people will react and respond to their environment it is theoretically possible to lay out a scenario within the remote viewing session to facilitate placing anchors at a remote target. If you remember some of the tasks passed on in the recent "The Room" target, it was in preparation for this next exploratory step in Remote Viewing.

Placing anchors at a target remote in time/space is the first step in weaving an entrainment across time. From the "Then" to the "Now" will become very clear as we progress along with different models to send a signal to the past and then reverse it to send a signal to the future. Currently belief in the potential to anchor and entrain has been demonstrated by numerous demonstrations and bringing abstract concepts such as "Affinity" out in the open where it could be seen. You must believe because you were there, you saw it happen, you were part of it. It was in-fact done just for you. From the very beginning surely some wondered why the soft voice of Patsy Cline was always playing, or every time the carpet was lifted for the magic note, or the note in my pocket that revealed the answer to the problem at present. Did you draw it? Did I draw it?

Too often we look about with no real understanding of the nuances of life and our environment. In all the world there is no one that does not wish that they could somehow change what has been said or done. Time is a barrier that the conventional mentality will never overcome. We have learned to passively slip the barrier of time and now with simple tools we will attempt to slip from the passive to the active. It is possible because we can map the pathway from the then to the now. A path, which, with a little design, could possibly facilitate a different outcome from that moment in which the shadow of time eclipsed the event into history.

Sounds ambitious but if we are smart about what exactly we do, we will see something amazing that may take some time for you to really understand. It certainly took me a decade to grasp and become functional with even simple wonders. When I placed a 3 tiered bet on the Roulette table for Jared and watched him as the number hit he was a bit confused and then disappointed that it took several hours to design and rehearse. But in that moment at the table for that very brief period the greater truth was revealed, it was not luck, or chance, or elves under the table. It was the "Then" sending a message to the "Now" and it was received in a loud clear signal. That is what is to be understood, not that I predicted the outcome but that the outcome was decided 8 hours before the event. It happened because the pathway was identified and used to send abstract information that would affect the local environment.

If you asked me why I want you to grasp this concept I would tell you that "I desperately want to send a message to the past". A message that is so important that it will change how we think forever. It will destroy the concept of the paradox. Now wouldn't that be something. Confused yet??


Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-Jul-27 Thu, 10:35
Aloha Dick,

After your call last night I was reminded of the need to clarify that there is a difference between Entrainments and what has been referred to as Remote Influencing. Primarily Remote Influencing in almost all contexts implies that the "Free Will" is subjugated or somehow undermined. Remote Influencing would be the apex mind control measure if it were possible. Remote Influencing would indeed be a super power by all our standards of mind and mentality. The human brain is a dense environment of bio-tissue, chemicals, and electrical (EMF) activity. To presume that one could penetrate such a density of activity and somehow take control remotely (mentally) to instigate an act or actions is highly unlikely. In the library of history it is simply not a mind skill we possess.

Entrainments are a different set of designs that affect specific environments. As humans we interact constantly with our environment and our perception of reality. Now time plays a part here but more important is the reality one sees and interacts with. Next class I will diagram out the specific environmental pathway between the Remote Viewer and his/her target on the whiteboard so that we can follow the viewer to target and identify all variables at play when the viewer views. I will plot out the NLP program for the target and the monitor's cues to trigger the subconscious field and activate specific anchors. It may sound complex and that is because it is very complex. It requires mental discipline and preparation.

It is beginning to get very interesting indeed.