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  1. mscir's Avatar
    I found these thoughts very interesting in a recent re-reading of one of my favorite metaphysical authors:

    "Matter is a medium for the manipulation and transformation of psychic energy into aspects that can then be used as building blocks....

    "Physical matter makes consciousness effective within three-dimensional reality. As individualized energy approaches your particular field, it expresses itself to the best of its ability within it. As energy approaches, it creates matter, first of all in an almost plastic fashion. But the creation is continuous like a beam or endless series of beams, at first weak as they are far off, then stronger, then weak again as they pass by. "

    The Seth Material by Jane Roberts
    pg 196
  2. Rick Hilleard's Avatar
    A really impressive view ! I would love to have been at that lecture.
  3. Glenn B. Wheaton's Avatar
    Aloha Dave,

    What if thoughts are pulled up from the quantum, take form, become realized, and fade? What if the human brain is a quantum radio of sorts that allows us to reshape quantum particles into coherent consciousness? They don't last very long but their residue becomes an after image which we call memory.

    I had too much to Dream last night lol...