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Thread: Tragedy (Not RV related) but I need to talk about this

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Tragedy (Not RV related) but I need to talk about this

    Early Saturday morning a young man and a female passenger were speeding up Kamehameha Highway- a one lane road out in the country near Laie. He went into the curve too fast, overcorrected and struck a pole, killing them both.

    19 hours later friends of the victims were holding a makeshift memorial at the scene of the fatal crash. They were putting flowers and photos on the pole, gathered around praying.

    A young woman went into the same curve too fast, overcorrected and struck the pole- as well as several mourners- killing two.

    Tragedy on top of tragedy. A fatal accident killed two at this curve in the road, and then a few hours later as mourners gathered in the exact spot another identical crash killed two more.

    My job today was to find families of the victims and interview them for a news story. What an awful job this can be at times.

    I interviewed the mother of Summer-Lynn Mau, who was killed on the side of the road in the second crash, while she prayed for her friend who had been killed just hours earlier. Her mother told me:

    "I regret that I never told her I loved her every day. You never know when you're going to see them again. Just tell them that you love them every day. And don't take it for granted that you're going to see them, because I left in the morning and she was sleeping. I got a call at 10:30 that she was laying out on a dirt road with no life already. You know they could be gone in an instant."

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    Aloha Dick,

    I had read the news earlier and watched your report on the news. Kam highway has always been a very dangerous road out on that part of the island. It is very dark at night out there and very easy to run off the road unless you are paying close attention. Speeding is a problem out there and I believe the first accident that killed the 15 and the 16 year old was a case of joyriding in a car that was stolen. Four kids in a stolen car is trouble with a capital "T". It didn't have to happen at all. The road and the conditions aside this should not have happened. Family and friends who were stuck later by the 2nd car was unbelievable. Sometime paradise can be very dangerous. Condolences to the families involved in these tragic events.


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    Targeteer Guest


    A terrible tragedy! Way too close to home. The odds though of these 2 accidents so intertwined this way???... that really makes you wonder...

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Back to Kahuku

    I had to go back to Kahuku today for more on this tragedy. I'm working on a story for 6PM. Might not make class tonight. (Too much driving on the Windward side.)

    I'm burning DVD's of Glenn amazing lecture last week. In the mail to JimK and John M. already. I'll put a couple copies in the library at Glenn's house. Even those who were there last week- this is worth listening to again and again. I added a few graphics and images.

    This video should be played at the next IRVA conference. Better yet, IRVA ought to invite Glenn to present on this subject.


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    RJB Guest


    A very, very, horrible tragedy, and my thoughts are out there for the families and friends impacted by such an event. Hawaii is paradise, but even paradise has its pitfalls and tribulations...

    -- Rich

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