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    Glenn has been covering the wave propagation theory of psi/rv communication lately. And that has got me thinking more and more on the possibilities. If this theory is correct it opens wide the doors to artificial field enhancing devices…

    We know the greatest obstacle for a viewer is sorting the target information from the noise. Right along with that is making solid target contact. But does it have to be…

    If we have a scattered, fuzzy “communication” field the signal is full of noise.

    We can cut down the noise by shielding. But I think that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

    Scattered, fuzzy thinking I presume would create the same in the corresponding bio-field.

    When we sit down to solve a problem we focus. Our attention becomes more and more drawn into the problem. I imagine in so doing our bio-field becomes much more coherent. And I imagine this is exactly what happens when we RV. The reality is though we can only hold focus so long…

    … that is without enhancements.

    If it’s all EMF then we can certainly craft enhancing devices that would not only create a more coherent field, but also be able to “tune” the viewer’s fields, and maybe even “tune” them into the target field… We could even amplify the field. (Psionics uses interesting techniques to do just that… Do they work? Could they be adapted to RV? That’s a huge can of worms waiting to be opened).

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