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    Default RV Machine Anyone?

    Glenn has been covering the wave propagation theory of psi/rv communication lately. And that has got me thinking more and more on the possibilities. If this theory is correct it opens wide the doors to artificial field enhancing devices…

    We know the greatest obstacle for a viewer is sorting the target information from the noise. Right along with that is making solid target contact. But does it have to be…

    If we have a scattered, fuzzy “communication” field the signal is full of noise.

    We can cut down the noise by shielding. But I think that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

    Scattered, fuzzy thinking I presume would create the same in the corresponding bio-field.

    When we sit down to solve a problem we focus. Our attention becomes more and more drawn into the problem. I imagine in so doing our bio-field becomes much more coherent. And I imagine this is exactly what happens when we RV. The reality is though we can only hold focus so long…

    … that is without enhancements.

    If it’s all EMF then we can certainly craft enhancing devices that would not only create a more coherent field, but also be able to “tune” the viewer’s fields, and maybe even “tune” them into the target field… We could even amplify the field. (Psionics uses interesting techniques to do just that… Do they work? Could they be adapted to RV? That’s a huge can of worms waiting to be opened).

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default He would love to tell us


    You are on track. Glenn tells the story of how he spontaneously remote viewed (full visual experiential) while falling asleep on duty for the Army Security Agency while listening to Morse Code tones. He was then given a two day psychological exam and sent to a new assignment to become a remote viewer. The tones coaxed him into a perfect mental state for S-5 ERV. Let me repeat that: The Morse Code tones coaxed him into a perfect mental state for S-5 ERV.

    I once asked him, "How long did it take after you got to your new assignment (RVer) to have another full visual experiential remote viewing experience?" He replied, "Hmmm... about two days."

    So they could take someone with natural ability and put them into ERV in two days.

    Glenn also once commented on our ability to use pen and paper (no electronic enhancement) to get target data. He told me "It's like you guys are trying to plow a field with a teaspoon. You know there's ways to do it with a tractor."

    Think trying to hit homeruns like Barry Bonds without steroids and human growth hormone.

    Obviously there are electronic means to enhance remote viewing. Glenn is still under a nondisclosure agreement and can't share the real secret. I think back when he was in Special Forces Intelligence the equipment probably cost a million dollars. I bet we could get it for mere thousands... if we knew what we needed.

    I'm very uneducated in physics and electromagnetics. But I think it's about resonance. You can use tones and biofeedback to put your brain waves in a state that allows you to resonate and emulate target.

    Hopefully Glenn will chime in here in general terms.

    J, the first thing you need to do is dust off the ALPHA-THETA trainer we purchased some time back. It is at Guild HQ. It allows you to see biofeedback that helps you boost theta spikes in your brainwave activity. It is intersting to use this machine, and helped me back in the day. Let's break it out next Monday.



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    Default thoughts on signal...

    Iteresting thoughts...
    But im not sure we are looiing at a signal to noise problem. for me its a bandwidth problem.

    Ive been researching the bandwidth of consiousness - and the accepted view is that conciousness bandwith is only 16bits pre second, which as we are second to second taking in hundreds of millions of bits per second into the unconcious.
    So you will recognise that only 16 bits is extremely small. Hence why when we focus on this psychic data it gets filtered tru a 16 bit pipe fragmenting and stripping back the data to its core elements.

    Now if the pipe form uncouncious with its hundreds of millions of bits per sec of data ALWAYS goes thru a 16 bit pipe to report this data then its always going to be problematic and fragmnted unless we can primarily find a way to increase the bandwidth.
    If we equate Rv and psi to our everyday use of the internet its like stepping back in time and trying to view the content rich wesbitse of today on a 1996 14,400 modem. It takes a long time to get the full information as fragmented bits load into the coniousness bit by bit.

    Increase the bandwidth and you increase the speed and clarity of the communicated information.

    All the best...


  4. Default Aloha

    Aloha All,

    I'll try to respond to some of this but it may require more than one post for me to get my thoughts together. First let's talk about bandwidth and consciousness. The key of sorts to understanding consciousness is to understand that it is the sequential stacking of data into coherent streams that are "recognized" by an observing aspect of the self. So it is not the second or the amount of data that can be processed by the primary sense of the alert awareness in a specific period of time. We batch process bandwidth strips of the near past as our realized present. Data must travel and cognition occurs when that data stacks out into coherence. It takes time for data to travel from our environment into our awareness. Time becomes a larger factor than you might have previously thought.

    Imagine data plus time equals coherence. Some data may achieve coherence very rapidly in our sense of time, other data may take longer, and still some data may take years for you to realize. Cognition is a culmination of data that has achieved coherence. By cognition I mean that moment in your thinking mind when you recognize a group of data and its meaning to your state of reality. Now one thing we do know is that we are able to adjust the aperture or bandwidth of data coming from our environment based on criteria such as sensitivity, preference, intent, or other qualifiers. Training can vastly accelerate the average cognition time for data. Now this may be to the detriment of other data being processed but in most instances it simply becomes an economy of focus that expedites specific data to coherence and cognition.

    One more thing about time. We have learned to link time to certain types of sensory data and the effect of that data on our sense of reality. Imagine how you would feel to listen to your favorite song on the radio and someone turns the radio off right in the middle, or to watch a movie and have it turned off before the end, or worse yet to read a novel only to find the last page had been ripped out. My point here is we have learned to take time for certain sensory experiences. Time becomes a critical factor in the stacking or culmination of the data for a desired coherence and cognition.

    In the Remote Viewing experience we have set our runtime at about 45 minutes or so. During that time we use sensory queries to collect data, which, we begin, to stack and record. We have trained specifically for this type of experience and have learned to limit data from our local environment while we collect the remote data. Most of this data can be tracked to coherence in the session at key points in the collection process. Some data will always remain a mystery.

    Rapport with the target can increase the collection of data from staggered sensory clues to something more like a quasi-reality. This happens in the ERV type RV efforts or S-5 in HRVG methodology. This becomes an issue of focus. I like to use the analogy of the experience of the same event by two different observers. Let's take the classic car wreck experience, one observer is on the sidewalk and one is in the car that wrecks. While they observe the same event it is from different aspects and a different sense of time. While it all happened so fast for our observer on the sidewalk, it is a different story for our passenger in the car. Time is stretched within time as the bandwidth of data processing to cognition by the passenger is greatly increased. When the data flow is increased by a critical focus, our sense of dwell time in the experience is stretched. The need for data caused an anomaly of time during the experience. In the ERV experience it is a duplicity of consciousness that is sought, and I believe it is well within the stacking and cognition ability of the mind to achieve.

    Ack its late, gotta sleep, more on the morrow.


  5. Default Imagine...The Yellow Brick Road...

    Aloha All,

    Let's consider a few more thoughts on the implications of Wave Propagation and the Remote Viewing process. There are many who think that to let go of the "Magic" of it all and embrace a concept or theory of "Science" to explain how the Remote Viewing process works is beyond the acceptable paradigm. Wave Propagation becomes a spoiler for the many who are lost in the "Light" in search of the utopian "Grace" of humanity. Our ideas about Remote Viewing must evolve beyond the Emerald City and the over-fictionalization of what it is exactly that we do and how we do it. Wave Propagation does not diminish the wonder of what Remote Viewing is or can show us but can stimulate us to the next level of understanding and performance.

    It is an Electric Universe and our environment is an Ocean of all Waves. A Remote Viewer can pick any one that he or she wants and like the cosmic surfer ride them in through time and space. James Spottiswoode in his work with sidereal time identified an effect that seems to indicate that a spectrum of noise dampens the event size of Psi functioning for most of the Earth day. He identified a small window of time within the Sidereal day where Psi event size ballooned. It was during this period that the Earth itself shielded a geographic location on its' surface from the Electro-magnetic weight of the noise originating from the center of our home galaxy the Milky Way. I believe this is the smoking gun of truth about the nature of the Remote Viewing process.

    In those minutes when we are cosmically weightless access to the charged, ionized plasma of consciousness is enhanced. During these short periods Remote Viewing becomes a shadow skill as the noise floor drops and the core frequencies of consciousness rise from the depths to rest in the shallows until the Earth turns and the Cosmic noise forces them back down.

    This means that there are access frequencies to consciousness. This does not mean these frequencies are the frequency of consciousness but the frequencies of the plasma barriers between different types of consciousness. Once you penetrate these barriers the New Noise floor is not the cacophony of celestial chaos but the environmental noise of the signal line itself. Most of all, this means that the barrier frequencies are within the spectrum within the celestial noise composite. The Rosetta stone frequency(s) is hidden but we know the spectrum in which it resides. When we find it we will find consciousness itself, it is just a matter of time.

    We know that even during periods outside the Spottiswoode access window that Remote Viewing is possible and is being accomplished by Viewer's all around the World. So we can attenuate and Match our consciousness field within a performance range to tune in to the greater access of consciousness.

    This means that during the Remote Viewing process we must indeed apply ourselves in a very determined way. Feedback feeds the mental adjustments we employ to clean up our access to the signal line. Mental Radio really was ahead of its' time. We can learn to think in ways to escape the gravity of the single state of consciousness and set our minds in time.

    Tomorrow .....Augmentation...


  6. Default Augmentation...

    Aloha All,

    Let's take a first step in understanding Augmentation in regards to Remote Viewing. By Augmentation we mean the introduction into the RV process of some device or condition to optimize the effort being extended.

    While our plans include a Faraday environment at HRVG this will only effectively drop our operating noise floor a small amount considering the scale of the possible noise. To understand the noise floor we must consider the site or location where the Remote Viewing effort will occur, time of day, time of year or season, and environmental considerations such as thermal radiation and the geo-magnetic index. Perhaps you were in the class a few years ago when I brought out the induction amplifiers and demonstrated how to use them to detect RF energy in the classroom. The noise floor is much higher during the daylight hours and early evening so to initially reduce the possible ingress of this noise into the process restrict your Remote Viewing activities to the hours of the least possible noise.

    Fluorescent lighting and especially halogen lighting is to be avoided. Remove watches, chains, and other metallic objects from your person and the colder the environment the better. If possible it is better to be a bit dehydrated than hydrated. Dehydration (not extreme) improves the ingress of signal passage into the nervous system. Do not lay flat on your back totally horizontal although reclining is preferred as long as the head is above the heart. Inclining forward from a sitting position is likewise ok. An example of inclining forward would be the body position during Edging/Priming prior to S-5. If there is an audible noise source that is persistent (traffic noise etc.) consider masking it with white noise generation or wear comfortable hearing protection to block it from your awareness. Blindfolds to block ambient light is a good idea but only if you are comfortable with this degree of sensory deprivation.

    That said let's consider a few technical aspects about augmentation of the Remote Viewing effort. My first spontaneous RV event occurred while I was hooked up to one of the world's most massive antenna arrays, the an/flr-9. It was a giant circular displaced array that covered football fields in a quiet area of the countryside in West Germany. The building itself was shielded and had a grounding system probably second only to the NSA complex at Ft. Meade. Implications are that that there are favorable noise conditions that are acceptable as long as proper grounding and shielding are provided for. Our Faraday project must at least comply with the specifications for a double-screened electrical enclosure. The grounding system will also be in compliance to NSA standard.

    For our purposes a solid grounded Faraday cage that can electrically free float (as required) will be the extent to our environmental noise management effort, but what about other augmentation possibilities? If Remote Viewing is what it appears to be then is there a possible device that could be configured to aide or assist viewer access to the signal line? Absent specific frequency information for consciousness it is not likely that there would be an RV helmet anytime soon, so what can be done? There are a few possible solutions in biofeedback to improve accessing altered states that seem to indicate improved viewer performance. Biofeedback allows the viewer to force multiply their effort by improving the mental platform from which the Remote View effort itself is launched. Training the viewer in how to think during the process can eliminate much of the self-generated mental noise from the noise floor. Initially learning to emulate a theta dominant state and maintain it for extended periods of time is highly desirable. In this effort we dampen much brain activity that takes away from the brains antenna signature.

    The brain itself does modulate but not in a conventional sense that we RF types deal with in designing antennas. If you were to sketch on a sheet of paper just the brain, the brain stem, and the spinal cord you would have sketched the classic signature of a dipole antenna array. While the frequency characteristics are unknown we do understand enough about the signature to know that the brain's orientation to the stem and spinal column is important in noise elimination and modulation of signals throughout the system. With conventional medical technology it is possible to determine the gross modulation signature of the brain/stem/and spine. It does not seem to be illustrative of a broadcast antenna in the classic sense but it can and there has been research done in this area. What is more probable is that the dipole signature is demonstrative of an inverse antenna used to collect and process inward to the system spectrums of energy from the environment. This inverse antenna is designed to broadcast inward and not outward. It becomes the feed system for what could be a quantum antenna emulation located and occurring in the linear microtubules of the brain. This may be the entry/exit point to the quantum world and beyond. Inside the microtubules we function with single and multiple photons, vibrations, and resonance of pattern energy.

    In this light the brain/stem/ and spine are more like a holographic bipolar antenna system that works in the inverse of the conventional theory. Sounds bizarre.

    So augmentation possibilities become clearer when we now understand that instead of some modification to the viewer we focus on training the viewer and modifying the environment. Devices such as passive and charged coils may indeed have applications that could adapt the environment as well as Micro-circular array screens positioned in close proximity to the brain that are tunable to create a sort of spatial displacement dummy load to boost gain of theta signatures in and around the brain become real possibilities. I am trying not to get too complex but suffice to say the need is to configure the environment a bit like a room of mirrors where multiple iterations of select environmental signals are received by the brain to reduce the possibility of fade and canceling.

    What would our hall of mind mirrors look like?

    Time for sleep...

  7. Default More on Noise...

    Aloha All,

    Noise and noise management are key issues in understanding environmental concerns for Remote Viewing. With so much noise in our environments it is necessary to eliminate or reduce a large portion of what could be referred to as bad noise. This actually means that there is good noise and noise effects that are desirable. Random noise is more desirable than non-random noise. Broad-spectrum noise is more desirable than narrow spectrum noise or white noise is more desirable than colored (red) noise. Why is this? Random noise is less likely to obscure very weak signals and in fact can aid in detection of very weak signals. People like to use the word resonate or resonance but alas to few understand the flexibility or the versatility of its meaning. If the environment was clear of all noise and a weak signal was present, that weak signal could escape detection by the human senses. The signal would just never be detected because it was below the detection threshold. It doesn't matter what type of signal it was, or what sense was intended to pick it up, whether sound, or visuals, electrical, or magnetic etc.

    The addition of a small amount of noise to the signal environment increases the probability of a threshold-crossing event to occur where the signal can reach a peak. By adding more noise the probability of detection also increases as the signal's peak is boosted beyond the threshold into the detection range. This is a phenomenon of resonance and is very interesting. So the task becomes the elimination of as much of the gross non-random noise from the environment as possible and stabilization of the noise floor with a random noise bias. The correlation between signal and neural response increases as noise is added, but only to a point at which the noise is no longer managed and the signal once again drops below the detection floor.

    So viewers should sit in the location that they will actually be conducting their remote viewing activities and survey or take note of the noise sources that could affect their performance. Might as well take a piece of paper and make a list of the obvious noise sources and be sure to include things such as Light, sound, electronics and devices that use electricity, as well as smells, thermal, and anything that is metallic. Then make a list of sources of noise that could be abstract such as the presence of bright colors, contours/shape of furnishings and patterns that may be distracting. Try to clean the area of as much of the noise as possible. Drop cloths can be put over furnishings and the viewer can position their chair or workspace to an orientation away from larger sources of real or abstract noise. Unplug electrical devices don't just turn them off.

    If you have a signal generator or white noise generator it is ok to use them. Music that plays softly likewise is fine but avoid music that has deep beats or that specific type of heavy bass music that sounds like someone put their army boots in the dryer and turned it on. Music should be continuous so if you start the process with music playing finish with it playing.

    Mental or Mind noise I will hit on in another post. Mental discipline is perhaps the most useful tool to limit mind noise.

    So start thinking a bit more about your viewing environment and work on it to reduce noise.

    Aloha Glenn

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    Default thanx

    many thanx for the great and very insightful comments - given me alot to think about.

    thanx for taking the time and effort.


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