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    Default Target Site Coming Up

    We have had several questions about targets people want to work that are posted on the website. We will be working with our webmaster and targeteers to get something up after the holidays. Basically, the site will post target IDs which will automatically unlock 7 days after the posted date. This is primarily for viewers who would like to work validation targets. Unless we have a project going where analysis will be involved, we will not be posting operational targets with complete feedback; however, we may post some interesting targets we can work as a group. Please be patient as we gather the target data for viewing. We will try to have a variety of targets posted so it is not all of the same time.

    Happy holiday season...

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    Default Targets

    Great! love it

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    Any updates?

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    Although it isn't apparent yet, there has been some progress on the target section. We are changing the infrastructure of the site to simplify adding articles, targets, and sessions.

    The current site uses a rich mix of structures that evolved with Internet practices as the elements were added. New displays are being developed in the background but their styles aren't consistent with what you see now.

    As soon as it is practical to integrate the new target page with the current views, we'll bring it online. We haven't forgotten! Your patience is appreciated!

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    Default targets?

    Updates? is teh target pool going to be loaded up soon?

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