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    Aloha All,

    New to the library is the complete Remote Viewing home study course by David Morehouse. The library continues to grow with multiple copies of the good stuff as well as all the HRVG videos ie "The Hawaiian Moving Company", "the KBS documentary on HRVG, and the unedited "The Men Who Stare At Goats (Book and Video), and the complete Stargate Declassified Documents holding.

    If you have something still out , turn it in, and pick out something new to go through.


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    Question Morehouse......

    I actually have the home study course of Morehouse but my version only goes from stage1, 2, and three. It was my understanding that stages 4-6 would come in a seperate new package. Do you have the complete course stages 1-6?

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    gen_x Guest

    Default Hi guys.

    Im guessing not but do you allow non HRVG access to this repository of RV material

    Also I did a target for you guys a few months back - any chance of some feedback?

    all the best...

    daz smith

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    Aloha Robert,

    The course in the library is only to Stage III. So that is the limit to that particular package.

    We do try and get new things in the library and should David make available any further instruction we will try to acquire it.


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    ALoha Gen,

    The Guild library is a private collection for the use of the Guild and items are not loaned outside the guild. I will check with The TC on the work you did and see if I can build a fire under him for some sort of disclosure.


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    gen_x Guest

    Default guild member

    So Im guessing that I would have to take an hrvg course to be a guild member?
    dont you award good honest interested people with an honorary pass? I have lots so stuff on my webiste i give awa to all for free

    all the best...


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default The Library is a real place

    Hi Daz,

    The library is not a website in cyberspace. It is a real physical place with books and videos on shelves. It is actually in Glenn's living room.

    I think anyone in the RV community is free to come on in. You are welcome to come by any time and browse.



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    gen_x Guest

    Default lol!


    Although you never know - if I ever get the cash i hope to visit with all the viewers around the world fo a chat and some tuition.



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    I just got back a reply from Moorhouse website. The second half of CRV ( stages 4-6 ) is still in the works. It will be priced about the same as the first package. There is no ETA on the completion of the second half as of yet.

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    It's a good course, very well presented and comprehensive. The hrvg course is worth taking if for no other reason than to get a new perspective on remote viewing methodology. $200 for a six month progression/study is a steal. The money helps to keep the website operating.

    You begin the course with learning the ideogram patter and producing the basic overall gestalt for the target. You are given taret ID'd to practice with. You send in yopur lessions via e-mail. You can also go to the past targets and practice with THOSE ID's as well. The following month you learn sponids. Each month is a new lesson until you have completed the entire course. It's probably not a good idea to do CRV while your learning the HRVG methodlogy, but thats up to you. Depends on how well you can focus as well. Again I really recommend the small investment.

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