Today a serendipitous happenstance. Only magnified by RV knowledge and familiarity...Glenn mailed a large package to the mainland. Unwittingly, his iPhone was left amongst the mailed items. After leaving the post office, but only after a myriad of errands and then recognizing his loss, Glenn called his cell phone several times. The postal clerk, hearing the ringing of the phone on the assembly line, was unable to pin-point the source because the phone quit after two rings. Fast Forward a minute or probably less...I got a strong urge to call Glenn on his cell unidentifiable man (the postal clerk) answered and asked who the phone belonged to... Happy ending-Glenn retrieved his phone before it's unintended possible jaunt to the mainland.

Moral of the Story: Pay attention to your subconcious cues. Particularly when you have been RVing for awhile...There is much to reap that enhances simple everyday experience.