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Thread: Amelia Earhart Article by Glenn Wheaton

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    Default Amelia Earhart Article by Glenn Wheaton

    HRVG recently received permission from IRVA's managing editor to reprint articles submitted by members of the HRVG family that were published in Aperture magazine. We will be highlighting an article each month on this web site in our Library section.

    The first article is entitled, " Amelia Earhart: Beyond the 7th Horizon " by Glenn B. Wheaton. This is an interesting story about a target that was worked many times over the years by HRVG viewers. The whereabouts of Amelia's plane and the fate of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan remains an unsolved mystery to this day.

    Highlighted in the article is the use of HRVG's S7 Annex A direction finding protocol. These remote viewer skills are very perishable and from time to time must be refreshed and recalibrated. We are currently working on viewer evaluation to determine individual error propensities in regards to offset error and individual magnetic deviation. This is accomplished by working several batches of targets and analyzing the data.

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