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    2017 homecoming sting

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    Aloha Robert,

    Operasing has been on the board here since August last year. It is really a clue to an event that will be historically noteworthy. Last year I wrote an article for Aperture titled “DREAMS..The Unconscious Mind of Remote Viewers”. Operasing has its origins in a particular dream that left the dreamer (Debra) with an understanding of a significant event in a particular location. The question that rises is whether the subconscious will remote view on its own while you are deep in sleep. There are many anecdotes along these last years that point to yes as the answer. The next question is whether the sleeping viewer employs metaphor in reconciling the information realized after waking. We will get a better idea after the event culminates.


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    Default Singapore 2017 Something Coming

    Back in August of 2017, I awoke from an extremely vivid dream that compelled me to post an anagram on this web site. "Operasing 2017 Homecoming Sting"
    I was in a large city that was close to the water-the city had a myriad of canals or lakes. I was frightened because I kept seeing what I described as missiles either hitting or associated with this city.
    I distinctly saw an iconic building complex with a long narrow top and asked my subconscious, in the dream, where this was located. A clear knowledge of "Singapore" emerged and that morning I googled Singapore to see it's land features and notable buildings. There was the Marina Bay Sands Resort, just as it appeared in my dream.
    The other aspect of my dream that was so riveting was the throngs of onlookers. People perched on hills and structures-trying to get a glimpse...
    What I also saw was rushing water and an underground aqueduct or water system which I cannot confirm.
    The events took longer to manifest than I thought but time is malleable.
    I well remember that unease the dream produced in me. I hope that this historic meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un is the harbinger of peace rather than an omen of disaster.

    I know many remote viewers have dreams and passing thoughts that turn out to be significant hints into the future. My suggestion is to record and document in a journal or some other device your perceptions.
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