Aloha All,
The New Year is here again, and another year passes into the history of our Guild. The promise of this year is bright as we push further into many of the intriguing places we have stumbled upon, or into, during our travels these last 22 years in the pursuit of discovery in remote viewing.

It is my hope that this year finds HRVG in research mode as much as possible. We are very close to an understanding of some very important aspects regarding the relationship between reality and consciousness. This led to last year’s creation of the first functional psychological mask by Debra Duggan-Takagi. Traditionally, masks used in remote viewing targeteering have pro forma templates using entrainment/entanglement. The psychological mask is a creation of consciousness within consciousness, or at least that’s what it seems to be. A complex mosaic of constructs within consciousness whose nature is to entangle to other consciousness constructs. There is an unknown variable that seems to facilitate a degree of cooperation between the consciousness constructs and the fabric of reality. That means our understanding about the behavior of variable mass is not complete despite the clarity of the physics of science. This year we look for deeper answers and applications within remote viewing for whatever part of the process we can tailor into a remote viewing application or tool.

Understanding begins with knowing that all labels, language, images, and thoughts are just a form or a facilitation of a mask of reality or consciousness. It kind of hurts the brain a bit to look at it in a global way, but it seems to be the way of it. The mask itself is much like an Internet crawler or spider running through consciousness and triggering synchronistic events in reality that are recorded by the mask maker. This masking concept is the Wizards upgrade to our consciousness construct of “The Room”.

The Veronica Project (Veronicube) research pushes on this year with Dave Barnes managing that effort. With the four Veronica’s running 24/7 thousands of miles apart the database is growing. It is a shame that Veronica did not take last year’s Warcollier Prize. There was so much effort and pure science that Dave put into the project- I was amazed when it failed to get recognition from the prize selection committee.
Three times HRVG has submitted competent projects for consideration and each time we have lost to what I believe to be an inferior ARV proposal. What I believe does not matter, it is what the committee believes that matters and some of these guys are always speakers for ARV interests. It demonstrates the power in the remote viewing community and the need for greed. ARV has overshadowed research, innovation, and virtually the majority of community public postings across the boards. I find myself hesitant to empower the ARV machine any further and will lobby our board of directors to pull the Guild into a private research effort. There was a time when the idea and concept of remote viewing itself was the prize to seek. That is no longer the case. I have always lamented the RV Community’s obsession with aliens and UFO’s.

With the formation of the To the Stars Academy it seems that along with ARV, UFO mania will consume the public RV effort. This is something we have done to ourselves by not sticking to the possible science that there is to be gained by exploring the consciousness of the viewer and NOT the results of endless ARV trials and projects. Public discussions about remote viewing, and how it could work, are becoming fewer and fewer, instead those discussions are replaced by conspiracies, UFO’s, ARV, marketing, and not much else.

At HRVG we have always valued the development of the individual remote viewer’s skillset and have worked for more than 20 years to maintain a core group functioning with a common methodology and goal. In my presentations at IRVA I have always stressed that analysis, over time, of a viewer’s work reveals the lexicon of their consciousness, and a deeper understanding of what the viewer actually is telling you about a target. I want to quote some wise words from our Vice President, Debra, “Simple ARV applications are mere texts compared to the rich and nuanced novels revealed by working a target to completion with skill”.

On a very sad note this last year we have lost a great friend and member of the Guild with the passing of LTC James Channon. I have been struggling with an obituary posting for him for Aperture magazine. Jim called me on the Friday before his death and we spoke for a bit more than an hour. It’s hard to remember what we chatted about, I can only remember his last words to me. Normally he would say “see ya” or “Goodbye”, This time he said, “I love you man”. I believe on some level he knew.