Interesting article on the rescue of domestic animals, and then a Go Fund Me page about horses on the volcano-affected side of the Big Island. Of course, there is also a wish list on Amazon for the Hawaii Island Humane Society.

Not being a farmer or rancher, I have a different perspective on care and treatment of animals. It seems to me, that if one registers, grooms, names, or provides medical care, or if one is dependent on that animal for draft work or income, one necessarily assumes responsibility for and of, those animals.

Something probably no one thinks about unless one is a horse person. If one is a horse person, or even has more than a couple of pets, one needs a plan to evacuate them. I have several dogs that can fit in our cars so I think I would be able to take them in case of an evacuation from my house. The fish in the pond will just have to make due.

A failure to consider and prepare for moving oneís animals is short-sighted and perhaps negligent. Iím glad that we are seeing that the cattle and horses are being taken care of by others. Other ranchers and stables or boarding stables seem to be helping out.