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Thread: President Carter admits RV program - keeps quite about other programs

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default I didn't start the thread

    Let me first respond to this:

    Daz wrote:

    "This whole thread stems from this quote by Dick

    "Everything published on this (The HRVG website) demonstrates that there were other programs, other methods that were quite successful and never publicly acknowledged."

    First a bit of nitpicking. This whole thread doesn't stem from my quote. George started the thread and in his post stated quoted ..."confirmed the existence of the CIA's remote viewing program."

    This was an interesting post and good information. I probably should not have taken off in a new direction, because the post was the Carter Administration admitting RV. I have the same story on video tape from Senator Dan Inouye.

    My response (and maybe this wasn't the place to bring it up) was only to point out that many folks incorrectly believe there was but ONE program, the Ft. Meade program. This is not true. I'm not going to beat everyone over the head with, but I will correct it when I see it published, especially on our site.

    I'm just interested- and anyone can chime in here- if you don't think there was a another program separate and different from the Ft. Meade CRV program, then how do you account for all the data published here?



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    gen_x Guest


    I really dont know at this stage. Maybe derived from CRV like most if not all the other methods on the net like TRV, SVR TDS - these all came from someone training with ED or the other mil trainers then making their other mthids. Each method seems to work nd be viable.
    Now I dont wnat to start something here because I may be wrong or quoting wrong - i will have to check my old emails - but I remember a discussion that mentioned one of the HRVG founders having had TRv training - again I may be miss quoting this!

    I know what you guys are saying, I can see your methods and results, and have seen the military records, but its still nothing tangible. Im not trtying to argue and cause any problems im genuinely interested in the entire Rv history thing, and Im not conviced yet where I can place ypou guys - and if im not convinced then there will be others.

    but this is fine - if youre fine with this - then lets drop it and move on - i just wanted to share my thoughts - as I said I mean no offence here!

    Can we or are there more details of the 'other' program available like names, where, who - I mean if the Staragate stuff was allowed to come out can detail of another military program - or is it all bound by the confidentiality agreements.

    In the end all this doesnt really matter of course - you guys have a method, you can view and you are sharing material which is all good!

    All the best...


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    jimmy Guest

    Default Living the Field

    Hello Daz,

    I received an Email today; that the "Living the Field" folks are presenting a Living the Field conference in London on 18th and 19th March, featuring Dr. Hal Puthoff and others. If you attend; 'would appreciate' - feedback and your thoughts on the event.

    It seems, 'declassified government files' - can create more questions; than, it can provide answers, for us. The file, "Teleportation Physics Study", by: Eric W. Davis; (Special report, approved for Public release, around August 2004), on Page 62 - "There are numerous supporters within the U.S. military estalishment who comprehend the significance of the remote viewing and PK phenomenon, and believe that they could have strategic implications. Bremseth (2001), a U.S. Navy SEAL, attended the Marine War College and studied the Remote Viewing program, and interviewed many of the former program participants. Bremseth then wrote his thesis on the topic, and concluded that the evidence supported continued research and applications of remote viewing."

    Note: This Special Report is approximately 75 pages, and on Page 55 - "PK phenomenon was also explored in the Remote Viewing Program." (Chapter 5.0 p-Teleportation) ...

    This Report was made available by - "Federation of American Scientists",

    FAS was founded by members of the Manhattan Project. I clicked on > Search, on their web page. This brings up Search >> Google and I put - Teleportation, in the (Search This will take you to "Teleportation Physics Study";

    I found this information on a forum;

    By > Dr. Joe Gallenberger
    and posted by > Jorge Lopez, on August 27, 2005 -- PK & Teleportation ...

    It seems, 'Remote Viewing', with its; 'recently declassified government files', will continue to be a wealth of search-information...


  4. Default HRVG is not CRV


    Before anyone gets the wrong idea from your comments there is no basis to state that our methodology is a derivitive of CRV. It is not. HRVG methodology was engineered using a reporting format found in any Army Communications CEOI. Within the CEOI is a message format titled "Salute". It is the format used to report information gathered in reconassiance activities.

    The format was selected because it is the normal reporting format to report Intelligence. The analysts working with Dr. Ireland tailored the methodology to conform to the reporting format for "Salute" ...Size ...Activity ...Location ...Unit ...Time ...Equipment.

    In the HRVG library members have access to all the available Remote Viewing instructional materials including TRV, SRV, TDS, CRV, and other materials less known like the materials published by Mott in 1996. I have always encouraged HRVG members to read everything, take all available instruction; be the most educated Remote Viewer possible. There is no guilt by association here. HRVG methodology is unique in comparison to CRV and all those that have adapted it and market it.


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    gen_x Guest


    Jimmy and Glenn,

    I thank you for your comments.


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    gen_x Guest

    Default Jimmy thanx

    thanx for the links - I found a very interesting Psi teleportation document.
    thanx for sharing.


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    A. Edward Moch Guest

    Default Yes... President Carter Was Aware of The RV Program

    In regards to the GQ Interview of Former President James Carter, it is sort of a known factoid from years ago.

    One of about "14" RV lab sites where various RV Applications were being evaluated was "The Monroe Institute". Dr. Rober Monroe's interest in Parapsychology and Psychical Reseach was a spin off so to speak, of his involvement in "Media Dynamics".
    Dr. Monroe would sort of be the man who put the "Spin" in the word "Spin Doctor" in White House Public Relations.

    The good relationship between Dr. Monroe and Col. Fredrick "Skip" Atwater would help to develop some of the "U.S Army Military Applications" set in stone at Fort Meade.
    It is noted by me, others, and as well as here at HRVG that not all the RV applications all originated from Fort Meade... nor were spinoff's of the CRV method.

    Because Dr. Monroe had close ties to The White House, and a number of Presidental Administrations over the years through "Media Dynamics" and his so called media specialists or "Spin Doctor's", it is possible that this is where President Carter got much of the poop on RV.

    As luck would have it, "Skip" would later meet and marry Dr. Monroe's daughter, and I would meet one of the media specialists, and marry his daughter.

    As Always;

    A. Edward Moch

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