Is this forum new? I don't recall it being here before. I'm always glad to see new online bulletins springing up. I feel there are far too few out there.

In any case, I've always had an interest in HRVG and would love to learn more about it and get to know some members, especially Mr. Wheaton.

I remember reading two things that caught my eye about HRVG. I think one is on form the this site and the other from somewhere else. I heard HRVG is the largest organized RV group.

And the other is, I think it says somewhere on the website, I can't recall exactly, that HRVG is dedicated to the study and promotion of RV, and that it has looked at all the types of methods and tried to see what would be the best method, and came up with the HRVG way of doing things.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to learning more about HRVG (if the sense of community, online classes and post-training opportunities are good, I would like to consider joining at some point) and having some godo discussions.