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Thread: hey you guys wanna share targets ?

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    gen_x Guest

    Default hey you guys wanna share targets ?

    Im currently between Rv groups after just leaving one whereby I spent a couple of years doing regular targets and am in need ot targets do you guys want to do any joint targets or have anything a crv trained viewer can help with?

    all the best...


  2. Default Viewer's Always Welcome..

    Aloha Gen_X

    Perhaps Jared will jump in here and get some information from you. We are always glad to get participation outside the Guild. We always have a backlog of targets and a number of projects that are underway. We are CRV friendly as well.


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    gen_x Guest

    Default any further info?

    just curious?


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    Default Daz

    Hello Daz:

    Since you have spent those two years useing ( CRV ?) have you considered taking the HRVG course? Crossing over from CRV to HRVG isn't all that difficult, I am told. I believe Dick used a different methodology before learning the HRVG protocols.


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    gen_x Guest

    Default im curious...

    I find other methodologies interesting but feel that crv works ok so not sure why I would want to lean another.


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