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    If you missed it the first time Court TV will be airing another broadcast of Rose Kopp, Psychic Detective. Rose trained with HRVG and used her remote viewing skills to solve a murder. Yes, solve a murder.

    Police detectives say her RV work led them to a serial killer. He was convicted and is now on death row awaiting execution. It is an interesting case. It will also be a chapter in my book. (Rose gave me information which due to time constraints could not be included in a TV program.)

    It is worth watching. We are proud of Rose. She is an exceptional person.

    Court TV Psychic Detectives Tuesday evening nationwide.





    On the night of April 10, 1997 seventy-one year old Lillian Phillipe awoke to the sound of an intruder in her home. It must be one of the greatest fears of elderly women who live alone; to be startled from your sleep in the dead of night to the subtle noise of a stranger in your house. Imagine being a woman, all by yourself in your bed in the dark, straining to hear, trying to understand who or what it is that’s making those unfamiliar sounds outside your bedroom. Coming awake with the realization that somebody is in your house. Lillian Phillpe got up fearfully out of her warm bed and picked up the closest thing that seemed like it might serve as a weapon; a trophy from the dresser. It was an award one of her grandchildren had won in an athletic event. She clutched it tightly in her arthritic hands and tiptoed out of her bedroom, her heart pounding, no doubt scared to death of what was making the noise out there.

    She confronted him in the hallway between the living room and her bedroom. Suddenly and viciously he was on her like a phantom. It happened quickly, although it must have seemed like forever to Lillian Phillipe. She swung the trophy with all the strength a terrified 71-year old woman could muster and valiantly landed one or two feeble blows, but he was young and strong and wiry, and he had a knife. Miss Lillian fought for her life, but she was no match for the brutal and heartless serial killer.

    Lillian Phillipe lived and died alone in Gonzales, Louisiana, a town of just over 8,000 residents in the heart of Louisiana’s bayou country. Most of the folks in town knew and admired her; she was looked upon as everyone’s auntie or grandmother. Miss Lillian was a heavyset Caucasian woman, probably close to 180 pounds, with salt and pepper hair cut short in what some would describe as a “beauty shop” perm. The widow lived by herself in a tidy red brick house in the better section of Gonzales, and although she lived in a nice home, she was by no means rich. The murderer took just $120 from her safe. He left his weapon near her body and escaped unnoticed. His accomplice was waiting outside in a car down the street, and they made a clean getaway.

    The murder shocked the little town. Gonzales is nestled between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, not what anyone considers a high crime area. Police there don’t investigate many homicides, and they initially thought someone in her own family might have been involved in Miss Lillian’s murder. But detectives checked out the family members and soon discovered they were barking up the wrong tree, and after that there were no other promising leads, so the investigation stalled.

    It was Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild member Rose Kopp who helped police break the case and convict the murderer. Rose had traveled a long and interesting road on her way to becoming a remote viewer and psychic detective. In 1972 she had partied quite a bit, but was ready to give up her life in the fast lane and become a bit more introspective; she was done experimenting with psychedelic drugs and just recovering from a life-threatening illness. Rose went to India to study a form of Tibetan Yoga known as Ajapa, based on silent mantras and meditation. Her guru and meditation teacher was one of those grey bearded Yogis with bottomless intense black eyes named Janardan Paramahasa who Rose describes as a strict disciplinarian. She recalls that he used to proclaim, “Word is law!” meaning his word was law. When her guru told her to “get up,” she got up, and when he said, “sit down” she sat down. Rose says they would meditate for six hours at a time, and woe to anyone who fell asleep. Guru Paramahasa would appear next to the slumbering devotee and bang a cane on the floor and shout mantras at them. “He was very, very strict,” Rose recalls.

    Her training in India ingrained within her an acceptance and a deeply rooted belief that when a student is learning something the teacher should be respected and obeyed. “What the teacher says, you do,” she explains. “You have respect for the teacher.” This acquiescence to the authority of an instructor served Rose well when she began learning the methodology at the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild. She was one of the second tiers of students who began training just before the year 2000. Rose had retired from a career in nursing and was living in Honolulu practicing palmistry and psychic readings. In her youth Rose had never considered herself especially “psychic” but found herself tuned in to her subconscious after her intense period of training in India. All those long meditations had awakened her psychic ability.

    It was late 1998 and the guild was picking up steam, but Rose had never heard of them. Then one day she was doing a reading at a coffee house near the university area in Honolulu when someone walked in and mentioned remote viewing. Rose’s response was, “remote what?” The guy (she doesn’t even remember who it was) explained that this thing called remote viewing was a formerly classified military technique being taught in Hawaii by a retired military remote viewer named Glenn Wheaton. In one of those serendipitous moments that often seems to draw just the right people to endeavors like remote viewing Rose went home and found an email on her computer. The subject was remote viewing and in the recipients list on the email she noticed the name Glenn Wheaton.


    She emailed Glenn and asked about remote viewing. How could she learn this? Glenn would later become notorious for not answering emails, but he responded to Rose right away, telling her that a new class was starting the very next week. Rose signed up immediately.

    Rose’s initial impression of Glenn was positive, to say the least. She says, “I knew as soon as I met him that he was for real. I also sensed not only did he know what he was doing, everything he said about his training and his upbringing was true.” Rose had found- not a new guru- but a new teacher, and she was ready to learn all she could. Glenn would be appalled to ever be referred to as a “guru” and in fact did everything he could to discourage students from thinking of him that way, but he did appreciate students who accepted the rigorous structure of the methodology. Rose was boisterous and opinionated, but when it came time to buckle down and work she applied the same type of obedience to the remote viewing protocols as she had to her meditation training in India. “When Glenn taught us to place the pen a certain way on the paper I understood,” Rose explains. “That’s the way it’s done. I did it, I accepted it.” Rose’s compliance to the structure, her natural ability, and her intelligence allowed her to excel as a remote viewer. Before long she started kicking ass in the new class.

    (to be continued...)

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    Aloha Dick,

    I have a Photo of Rose during her time in India, such an extraordinary woman. It takes a great deal of courage to leave the comforts of the west and venture off in search of knowledge. Her work with the Gonzales Police Department was like the woman herself, amazing.


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    Default Rose

    Are we going to see Rose on www.psiquest?
    I seem to remember you saying you would try to have an edited version on the website. Since I don'thave cable I will never see Court TV.

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Posting Rose segment

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert
    Are we going to see Rose on www.psiquest?
    I seem to remember you saying you would try to have an edited version on the website. Since I don'thave cable I will never see Court TV.


    There is a blackout period which Rose agreed to with Court TV... and I also gave Rose my word I would not publish the story until after that had expired. I think the brief excerpt I put up does not violate that, but I don't think we can post a clip from Court TV at this time. Maybe later.

    We don't want to violate copyright laws, and I don't want to go back on my word to a friend.

    It is a very interesting story and it will all be available at some point down the road.



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