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    Aloha All,

    Monday night's lecture was about your mind and the Remote Viewing process. What do you actually think when you Remote View and why? If you remember all the times I have asked you "Is your mind right?" it has always been for a purpose, for a reason. Adopting the mindset to Remote View is a bit more difficult than you may believe. Anyone can sit and go through the motions and produce a body of work that is less than stellar. Even the best can do this in a most un-stellar way. It only takes distraction, or worry, or ego, or any number of reasons to fail to engage the target. Engage is an active word. You must engage. If you sit and wait then you are just sitting and waiting.

    Methodology gives you a rudimentary discipline to collect data, but that is not the discipline that I want to emphasize. The control of your own mind to move and recognize data during the execution of the methodology is the discipline we all seek. Data does not seek you out you must seek it out by engaging the process with intellect. This means you must know what you are doing every step along the way. You must be confident and you must want to do it.

    I discussed several homework exercises to complete to give your mind an edge during the process. Most of these dealt primarily with Blackboard and basic skills. If an ideogram can be expressed on a clean page with a pen or stylus then an ideogram can be expressed on Blackboard by simple mental discipline. If the ideographic data can be probed on the page, likewise it can be probed on Blackboard. It is more often the case with those of you that already know the data before you probe the ideogram on the page that you have already completed the process in your mind.

    When we Remote View within the method structure the managed mind uses pathway in the brain that becomes a well-worn path over time. The mental process can become more of a Macro with data being handled in a batch fashion. This is the innate intellect responding to the repetitive task of processing like actions and data. It will seek to economize the effort by completing certain mental functions before you engage the action to produce what the mind has already completed. It is quite possible to know the data from the ideogram before you produce it on the page.

    During the target demonstration last week I believe I said I would tell you everything that I know about the target both in and beyond the methodology. I think the video record of that event will show that. I wanted you to see and hear how I think during the process. What you may not know is that I move data quickly. I remember to remember everything and that is something that I was trained to do. It is also what you have been in training to learn. After the feedback is published on the target that I worked for you I would like you to do a few things. First find something that I collected that was true about the target. Pick the best bit of data and then ask yourself the following question. "Have I ever produced anything this good in my work or have I seen other viewers in the Guild produce something as good?"

    I will tell you that I have no doubt the answer to that question is yes. What you may find different in my work is the volume of data collected. In the week between the Guild giving me the Target ID and the moment I began the target work on the board in class my mind had been wrestling with this target. I was careful not to think much about the target and resisted the urge to go through a ream of paper digging away at it. I knew that when I began the target work my mind would already have much of the work done. Mind is faster than writing, faster than speech. If the mind is developed to process data in a certain way then I assure you it will whether you tell it to or not. The data doesn't come to you as you speak or write. You only remember to speak it or write it.

    Do the homework exercises and let's continue to challenge each other.

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