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    Aloha All,

    The plans for the chamber are on track and some loose ends have been recently closed. The chamber itself will be able to be configured electrically not only as a freestanding Faraday cage, but as a grounded cage or a charged cage. There is a list of experiments I would like to see replicated especially those dealing with ionic leeching in charged cages. We have settled on 3 camera views, 2 inside the chamber and 1 outside the chamber. I spoke with Kam today in regards to the software support to stream 3 videos streams and 2 audio streams via broadband to Atlanta where Dr. Courtney Brown will host the streams on the Farsight video server. I spoke again with Dr. Brown today about this and all seems ready in Atlanta. I also spoke with Skip in Virginia who if time permits will initially be the Monitor during the systems testing. Hopefully broadband will be available for Skip before we go into the systems testing phase. If not, a competent monitor (remote from Hawaii) will be found. Ideally broadband over power lines will keep Skip in the plan.

    On Skip's display will be the 3 camera views as well as an area to display brainwave signatures if we follow our plan to use the biofeedback equipment. On the bottom of the display will be an area for macro'd text or typed text so that the monitor can pass instructions to the viewer. That text will reach the viewer as spoken language as it will pass through a text to speech translator. The viewer will set the pitch, tone, gender, and style of the voice that speaks to them while in session. This will remove some real concerns about what a viewer detects from the voice of the monitor. While the voice will be very human it will contain no telltale evidence we have all learned to listen for.

    Verbal responses from the viewer will be passed back up the system real-time and will be available to the monitor as audio as well as recorded on the chambers DVR.

    The initial testing targets will come from a 3rd party source not connected with HRVG, Farsight, Skip, or anyone else involved. Perhaps we can get the IRVA to commit to supplying an initial 10 targets or so for use in the testing phase. HRVG will supply the analysts as well as the viewers. I also chatted with Lyn about validating the system for its integrity as evidence and he has several very good ideas about how to make the sessions record secure so that no one could allege post session tampering with either the video, audio, instructions from the monitor, or responses from the viewer.

    The chamber sessions will be able to be viewed on the Farsight site by Guild members, and guests, but a few details need to be worked out to include as much of the information as possible. Of concern is the Audio portion from the multiple locations as the video server is not full duplex, but we are working on it.

    All comment, criticism, and critique are welcome.


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    gen_x Guest

    Default looks good!

    Glenn, this sound fascinating - all sounds very good and look forward to seeing the results. well done with the proactive approach and experimental rv.

    all the best..


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    Aloha Daz,

    There will be a move soon to include more about the remote viewer's environment when we think about the RV process itself. While we have discussed a chamber for some time, I am not always sure that people realize the value of it. So much of our environment is noise from the EM spectrum that some have never really experienced EM quiet. What this means is that the ambient EM noise floor drops and the signal to noise ratio improves. Any added mental quiet in such a highly electrical environment as the human brain is a plus.


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    Since building a chamber for the average person is out of the question, wouldn't it be nice to test some of the EMF blocking devices offered for sale, so that ordinary folks could use these while RVing.

    There must be some companies that sell something that really work's. There are bracelet's and necklaces and even devices that you plug into your home wiring system that seem to work. I've seen many of them, it would great to have some recommendation's, I'm sure some of them work to some degree anyhow.

    Here's one group that sell's some very interesting EMF blocking devices:

  5. Default OH No not the Tinfoil hat lol...

    Aloha JP,

    I am sorry to say most of these products are junk that is best dealt with by the FTC, not consumers.

    The concept or idea that something could be worn around the neck or wrist or ankle or plugged into your outlet and bring you and your home into resonance with the Earth's frequency is a blatant falsehood. Checking the grounding system for your home would better serve you as well as turning stuff off. Don't buy these scams or claims for a minute.


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