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Thread: Bootleg RV DVD on the loose...

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    Nemo Guest

    Default Bootleg RV DVD on the loose...

    So, I'm hearing this buzz...

    ...a buzz about this DVD... A DVD that contains one of the few live RV session by Glenn B. Wheaten. But it's only available to a select few. Well, I got my hands on a copy of this DVD right now... and luckily only a few had to die to get it (but no worries, they were expendable, they knew what they were signing on for)... And from which I will extract all the secrets of Glenn B. Wheaten and his RV skills.... Mahhhaaaahhhhaaa...

    There are no secrets... (especially when you have the DVD). This weekend I'll be decoding and breaking it down.

    OK, seriously though, what are we all here for?

    I would think to advance our RV skills and RV itself (or is it all just a giant scheme to meet interesting chicks?)...

    So how do you acquire a skill... any skill?

    Using NLP we know any skill breaks down to...

    1. The beliefs surrounding/related to the skill.
    2. The state of the nervous system while executing the skill.
    3. The neuro syntax along with the submodalities of each step in the syntax.
    4. The physiology.

    This is the first time I have direct access to an RV session with this kind of precision. I've seen a few, but never from beginning to conclusion like this. And damn, never seen anyone get this kind of precise data.

    So what we have now is a record of physiology and some eye accessing cues. That gives us a hook into the nervous system. And with enough interrogation we could get the syntax. One thing I did notice, Glenn goes through like clockwork the same syntax whenever he's going for the data. Probably about 5 steps worth... the first 2-3 steps look almost unconscious in nature.

    I'm thinking to myself I've done thousands of RV sessions, thousands. Practice makes perfect as they say...


    Practice makes permanent!

    And I'm thinking to myself another 1000 sessions aren't going to get me that level of RV skill I saw Glenn display.

    Maybe it's time we go about this another way...

    Getting a base NLP module of the RV skill (i.e. a mental recipe) modeled from some of the best in the world...Once we had that, well, think what impact that would have on your RV development and cutting your training time down. Worth the time and energy to get it? I think so...

    It would involve getting Glenn, Joe McMoneagle along with an NLP modeler all together... then going through the modeling process. What you have at the end of all that is a mental recipe the best remote viewers in the world follow to get their results.

    My only question... Why hasn't this been done sooner?

    It's one thing to say "is your mind right?", and its quite another to have a step by step recipe that if you follow with precision will "get your mind right" with consistency.


  2. Default Aloha Nemo...

    Aloha Nemo,

    I do like how you think. The examination of oneself and what one does in the Remote Viewing process is the key to understanding, in a logic sort of way, what is happening. NLP is indeed the Remote Viewers best friend. Remember in Nimo Playfair you actually reverse the data flow and query the subconscious for specific types of data. So much of the process is an exercise in data stacking and memory management. You could not accomplish this without a solid inner dialog on a foundation of NLP.

    My initial NLP training was at the University of Hawaii in the mid 80's and was part of a program that General Stubblebine had arranged. It certainly helped me a great deal to get my mind right. I know that "Success Modeling" works and I certainly modeled myself after Richard Ireland, but there are other very important factors that must be considered. A few of these include motivation, belief, and commitment. The Guild thankfully is a place where we share the camaraderie of like minds. We gather, we explore, and we challenge.

    In regards to the target demonstration, it was a very interesting target for me and I did enjoy working it a great deal. Part of the puzzle I believe must include the feelings that one experiences when working a target. I am sure that endorphin production is somehow involved. The Remote Viewing process may in fact be more of a mind trip than we think.



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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Bootleg?


    You gave almost gave me a heart attack. You have a couple of "pen names" and I forgot that one for moment. There had better not be any "bootleg" copies of this video passed around. I've made several copies- for Glenn, for the library, for a couple of trusted members of the guild. I showed it to James and George- inactive yet still considered family.

    Eventually this will make the rounds and as I said earlier it will be historic. But it will happen in good time.

    Now about your post.

    Are you too young, or did you see the old 1980’s move “The Karate Kid?”

    Daniel goes to Mr. Miyagi to learn Tae Kwon Do. He wants to kick someone’s ass RIGHT NOW! The “master” -instead of teaching martial arts - makes young Daniel do “wax on” “wax off”- repetitive motions that seem inconsequential. He makes his student sand the deck, and paint the fence.

    You- young grasshopper- want to know how to catch a fly with chopsticks RIGHT NOW! You haven’t done the wax on, wax off.

    Glenn has been patiently giving us the keys to remote viewing. Ten years of instruction without accepting any money. My advice is to quiet your racing mind, receive the instruction, and learn it. I don’t need to watch the demonstration video in freeze frame to understand Glenn’s NLP. He’s told it to us for 10 years. Down and to the left (right when looking at Nimo or at the person executing this) is kinesthetic recall.

    By the way did this put to rest any doubt about HRVG methodolgy and the ability to obtain conceptual or "intangible" data?



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    Fortune Guest

    Default As long as you put it that way

    As long as you put it that way, then you poor little hick redheaded cousin here will have doubts til she gets to see it.

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    Nemo Guest


    Hi Dick,

    The headline was just for you... Glad you enjoyed it

    I guess the best way to illustrate what I'm conveying here is with a story...

    I don't play Pool... really I don't... I mean good God, how can those people spend so many hours mastering such a fruitless game? What is the pay off? A little hand-eye coordination? A lesson in Newtonian physics?

    So I find myself roped into playing Pool with some friends. It's obvious this is not my game. So they proceed to instruct me on how it's done...

    "You determine the spot you need to hit the ball to create the angle... blah.. blah... blah... You hold the stick (I think they call it a cue) this way... blah.. blah... You make sure your elbow is this way... blah... blah.. blah"

    So I do it, yet still suck at it.

    Well, a few games later I remember something, something I heard in the past about pistol shooters. Turns out the best pistol shooters have a strategy, a strategy they use that average or even good pistol shooters do not use. (BTW the military paid private contractors a good deal of money to figure this one out).

    And it turns out these pistol shooters didn't even realize they had this strategy. It was something they picked up on unconsciously along the way. It took an NLP moduler to get that unconscious strategy out into conscious awareness and map it.

    Once he had this simple unconscious strategy he taught it to the other recruits. I don't remember the numbers but training time was drastically cut and proficiency levels drastically increased. He was even able to to take the best pistol shooters and make them much more consistent by bring to conscious awareness this unconscious strategy.

    ... All because of an elegant NLP module the best pistol shooters had spent their careers figuring out.

    Anyway, so there I am, waiting for this stupid pool game to be done with as quickly as possible. And that's when it hits me... Why don't I try this same mental strategy and apply it to pool.

    So that's what I did...

    The next game... I cleared the table. And my friends well, they thought I was hustling them.

    The long and the short of it, we have the protocol, yet I know there are these unconscious mental recipes (strategies) the best remote viewers run again and again. Bring them to conscious awareness and then including that as part of the training... Well, we do that and what do you think that will do to performance and training time?

    Lastly, to open up a big can of worms... conceptual, intangible data... we saw streams of high level intangible data during that session. My only comment would be there is no specific probe for it in the methodology. What you don't train your mind to look for you'll never develop the "psi antenna" for. By probing for intangible data each and every time I would suggest you'll develop a much stronger psi antenna for intangible data.

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    Fortune Guest


    I have watched some video of Richard Irland working and something really rang true for me watching him. He seemed to be more low key before he began and then the quicker and quicker he worked the more "on the spot " he was, the more his demeanor changed to miore expansive more, taking more risks wuith details give, like he got on a roll and was digging it. He seemed almost shy before beginning but then the fasterhe did it the more he seemed to be enjoying and getting a buzz and it seemed tio take less effort.

    It's like there is a state of mind doing psi work when there is a rapid flow that its like more so than ordinarily, you have no idea what you are going to say, how to explain, it's like you are sometimes surprised at what you are saying as if hearing the meaning for the first time. Ordinarily it does seems more a mental step is in there when you speak, Doing psi work sometimes i get such a buzz, like all i can explain it as is working hard and having FUN. That is the real motivator for me, its like addictive, my drug of choice.

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Nemo

    When you watch the video, here's a hint. (This is in no way part of HRVG protocol methodology!) Watch Glenn wipe the whiteboard. He was using the whiteboard as part of Blackboard. His wipes were in a sense probes.

    Like I said, don't try this at home. It's like the fine print warning in the car commercials when a hot car is flying down a country road- Professional driver on a closed

    Glenn used the time required to clean off the board to allow the data to "catch up."



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    Zylon Guest



    So when will the general public be able to see clips of
    Glenns performace ? From what members here are saying
    it sounds like its one worth watching. Any time frame
    when this will be released ?


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Later this year -around October/November

    Quote Originally Posted by Zylon

    So when will the general public be able to see clips of
    Glenns performace ? From what members here are saying
    it sounds like its one worth watching. Any time frame
    when this will be released ?

    Think of Mel Bay Book 1.

    Then there's your high school band playing with a lot of heart, but not that much finesse.

    Then you listen live to Jascha Heifetz play Mozart Sinfonia Concertante. That's how I would explain it.

    I'm still waiting for full feedback from a person that was at target. Glenn accurately described the target beyond what you think a remote viewer could do, then he got a lot of personal information about the person of interest. A lot of this is not verified yet and unknown to those who tasked the target. I've sent a DVD of the session to that person and he's going to provide feedback. I only have his verbal authorization to allow publication.

    The session itself is 70 minutes. The feedback makes it about a 90 minute video. I'm going to clean everything up and then when Glenn says okay I'll probably release the full thing at the IRVA conference in October.

    The really interesting part....
    it was much more than just Glenn doing a superior session on a validation target. It was an entrainment. Probably only a few guild members will ever really understand what really happened.

    We've been very lucky to learn from Glenn all these years.


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    Zylon Guest


    Thanks for the reply Dick, Hopefully the film will also
    be revealed online or made available to download after
    the IRVA presentation.


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