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Thread: Who else wants to master Annex A

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    Default Who else wants to master Annex A

    Well then get to work... Sheeshh....

    More Annex A targets ready and waiting for you.... maps, azimuths... it's all there.


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    Default Co-ords and cues for targets, how to view some?

    I am asking for myself and any viewers who might want to try some of the targets you list but arent trained in HRVG method. I dont know if annex A is a step in that method or the building where the pop machines are located, grin.
    How would you advise one to work the targets for practice you put up if untrained (YET) in you guild method? I've tried some targets from your site but havent any idea what to do with the list under the main coord, i guess they are SUBCUES? and maybe that's different details or aspects of the target? I just gave myself the focus of intent to go to target and view and record aspects relevant to the tasking and include whatever may be associated with the sub coordinates. Do you do each of those as a separate session for the target or dio you include in the same session as the first?

    I did one awhile back you put up and it seemed i felt inclined to do several shorter sessiions which is not my usual habit. I have in a notebook hoping to find feedback one of these days.

    I did the co-ords for the irva conference beacon target from your site, a little quickie on the plane to vegas as i love to rv on flights, the take off is the best cooldown!! And then the session at the conference, although i kept wanting Stephen just to hush up, But i know that the directions were good for the first time viewers in the audience. As we all know doing it precog can sometimes be cleaner.

    This should be new thread but i see i already did like 4 posts and i dont want to be (so obviously anyway) the some say 5 percent on anuy list who always has to open their big mouth and post. I can lurk with the best of them as long as i can tie down my typing finger.

    Controling environmental noise

    I heard glenn say y'all are working on a faraday cage or? to use viewing environment. I've been doing some little research in controling the entergetic environment to enhance psi that i think id applicable to rv session environment as well, Nothing scientific double blind and all that but just sometimes using these techniques to reduce noise and enhance clarity and some times not using them expect on my own energy if that makes sense.

    I'm incorporating some types of techniques i learned with the Berkeley Psychic Institute or BPI to give them credit for some of the ideas. I'm not sure what they are doing now but they used to be in my opinion the most effective and practical and empowering training schools for psychic development. Few such trainings emphasize how to keep your own authority,own your space protect yourself as a psychic- the kickbutt if ya got to while having alot of fun being spiritual and psychic - without getting a case of newage space case brain disease.

    One thing they taught and used where ever they taught or did readings and healing was that it was possible to simply and easily ground a room as well as your self, setting boundariews and how to change and hold the space at different energy frequencies that impacted the psi clarity possible in a space. The main practice in training was to "run ones energy" meditation about an hour daily. It opens the apetures putting it mildly and feels goood, so good it is not a chore.

    Various colors are visualized and used one the enegry flow is established for various purposes. Thers a mix of earth frequencies up the feet and "cosmic' in the crown the latter you need to step down to the highest which is compatible with the body at this rime.You can experience say a different feel of filling a room (or your aura and self)with silver, then gold. Once you can hold that an hour take it to platinum (sp) like a fine sportscar fast smooth quiet it drives effortlessly. .

    One night about 100 psychics were ready to give get readings and my fav teacher said i want you to sit in this chair clear the room and bring it up to gold and hold for an hour. He was between me and the door or i would of bolted. I knew FEAR. But fear was my friend i guess, being a beginning student i hadnt done this even in a small way. I didnt think i could get up to gold and hold fifteen minutes so i took it up to platinum and tried to remember to breath for an hour. He came over and said heck i wasnt ex[ecting you to last ten minutes. But what stuck with me was the reports from the people in the room about the clarity and ease of the psi info while the room was at those higher harmonics.

    Tuesday i had three reading back to back so i began with them as a group clearing them and getting them running their energies, then i "owbned the room and grounded it clearing and funneling all the noise that might intterfer with clarity down that chord. I then had the others go t and read each one two hours. I didnt have to do anything different i didnt get more psychic, by controling the environment removing the stuff that can get in the way and make it effortful . I accessed much detailed info on questions of concern and described their animals, activities shoes work associates events impacting them all verified . Every one taped most of it and thats good since it was alot to remember.
    I've been looking for a way to get my rv anywhere near the level of clarity and lack iof noise, i'd feel like i was getting somewhere with it. I think a key maybe ways to manipulate the energy environment. We do that anyway but to develop ways that are reliable - and of course portable - to otimize a viewing environment for one or may individuals. Rituals of all sorts have been away of doing that in reopeatable ways, like magic, scared circles, churches . Even dance may do more than merely entrain the dancers . Some objects maybe abkle to hold a frequency pattern, vortex sacerd places maybe natural and or enhanced spots where theres less noise and more clarity than the norm.

    Effectiveness could be tested by sending in someone )s_ to either manipulate the environment or do none wout the viewers knowing which was which. If they knew at all there might be a placeboe effect in either case ?If you had the whole group of folks who meet regularly with established techniques - how far could they take rv sessions in terms of data flow?

    Or i know yiou guys probablu already doing ALL THAT JAZZ ALL ALONG! ha i hope so so you can teach me that too.
    forgive the typos , my finger is tired.

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    Hi Fortune,

    Don't worry about Annex A right now. If you're working a target with Annex A reference points simply work with the base target ID. The base target ID will always contain a cue that is independent of the Annex A encrypted reference points.

    I'll have to let Glenn chime in on your other questions. He's the best to address those.


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    Fortune Guest

    Default what to do with them?

    Shiould we just hold on to them or scan and email to? Snail mail? (i dont have fax) Complete sessions or summary and sketches? If we arent doing the hrvg method are sessions useful or just clogging up the works?

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    You can send them if you choose. It's always interesting to see the results of your targeteering. I'll send you a PM with an address to send to.

  6. Default Chime...

    Aloha Fortune,

    I will chime in a little but I must tell you that I do not have the same frame of reference that you have on some of your comments and subject items. Environments have always fascinated me and I always make an effort to provide for an adequate environment in which to Remote View. There are a lot of things to consider and we all know that optimum environments require a considerable financial investment. Regardless of the external environment I think the most important environment is the one in which your own mind exists. Getting one's mind right to Remote View is paramount to the success of the effort.

    There is a "Mental Posture" that one must adopt while Remote Viewing. It is a combination of knowledge, confidence, and experience. For me finding that critical initial bit of data is essential to setting up how I function in the process. Once I get any little bit of data I begin the method query and just let the data begin to fill the buffer as it were. I find that it is easy only when I am prepared. In the recent target I worked for the Guild I had a full week of knowing that at that Monday class I would have to stand up, ignore the lights, and cameras, and just view. I would also have to speak to the group and explain what and how I was thinking along the way. In review of the event I did quite well but I did notice in the video that there were places where data would stop and it really was very obvious when I would reach a point where I simply did not have the data yet. I would then switch to other data trails that were more robust. Since you've thrown in with our analysis class I will send you a copy of the video so that you can see for yourself.

    On the topic of frequency it is something that I am perhaps the most versed in within the community. Some days I am an RF Engineer and some days I'm just the cable guy, but everyday since I got my first license I have been immersed in the world of frequency. In the Army Security Agency and at NSA I learned to appreciate the technical knowledge about frequency and our environment. I understand that many people hold beliefs that they can somehow manipulate frequency or they will use frequency as a sort of buzzword, but in reality they could not begin to say, tell, or understand what frequency they are talking about.

    The human body and mind has such a wide range of frequency employment that it is a unique oscillation signature compared to the noise of the external environment. The external or environmental noise has a majority effect on the human that can be measured. The effects of this noise on the human are minimal to basic function of mind and body. There are some exceptions having to do primarily with electricity and field effects but for the most part the effects of noise culminate in a dampening effect of the human. We see this most clearly in regards to sidereal time and the 13:30 effect. In the absence of the celestial ambient noise the human electromagnetic field signature is just a bit more robust and it is very possible that mental function may have an edge during this brief period.

    Consciousness requires a certain degree of electromagnetic biochemical coherence for us to process thoughts and have our sense of self. It is one reason I would not credit a rock with any degree of consciousness as we recognize it. I am sure, as matter it is singularly coherent but it does not live beyond what it is. Humans are a different story and a mystery that defies explanation when it comes to consciousness. We are simply not Conscious enough yet to understand.

    I watched a fellow in the Philippines ignite a piece of carbon paper in his hand using just the power of his will. Well I know it wasn't the power of his will but the loading and shorting of electricity in his hand. While not enough to ignite anything more substantial than carbon paper it was still amazing and although he burned his hand people would then line up to have their fortunes told for 500 pesos apiece. Sometimes consciousness lacks intellect.

    Statements about frequency are often made sans intellect. While there may be an effect that manifests it is seldom because of what one is told but more a mystery of consciousness.


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    Default environment

    I remember you saying you were working on a faraday cage? What benifits will this have as a viewing environment?

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    Thinking i feel kinda lucky to be living when theres still a mystery about all ths psi stuff instead when its the mundane, it's like we get to be pioneers of a sort.

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