I've been reading some things at the site here to get more sense of whats coming up in the analysis training, the projects at CC001 and the analysis of
IXLY-VDDR. Its made me look forward to getting started in May. This gives me more idea what Dick means by low level analysis ext. And i agree with what he said that i will want to learn the method myself. It would certainly help in analyizing sessions and i think i'll need a working knowledge of it to do it well.

Well actually i have wanted to find out more about your method to see if when or how i might best learn it. At one point i read that you werent doing new online training for awhile. I wanted to get an idea if it was something i might be able to grok online so i mostly asked Glenn plenty of questions whenever he was posting on a group list i was on. He was patient and forthcoming on giving me some explanations. Many on these lists were quite interested to hear about it too and for some it was the first they had gleened any specifics and were thrilled to get it first hand from Glenn.

So i want to ask does online training become available on certain dates when new classes start or do individuals sign up and start one by one?

Or is there a certain mimimum number of folks needed to begin a online distant beginers course?
I have at least one friend locally who wants to do online training also if when i do.(others have indicated interest too) And if and when it comes available to do so would it be ok iif i asked who else might want to begin at the same time? i of course would be willing to take a vow of silence and cross yer palms monthly with silver - grin - or by paypal
Its always fun and inspiring to have rv buddies to me learning at the same time.