I clicked on "Harry Warnke Remains / Present Time / Current Location"
G9H1-R8M9 and looked at the entire session. Amazing. This appears to be one of the best sessions I have seen. While there have been MANY excellent sessions, this one MUST be at the top of the list.

I wonder if it is permissible for Glenn or Dick to talk about this session now.

And who is the viewer: Anne? Is this person located in the islands or the mainland? Would be interested in hearing more from her. GREAT JOB whoever you are!!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO I have a question for Glenn: I tried to send a private message to Sita and another person at HRVG but have no indication if they ever got it. I wonder how many people know that you CAN send private e-mails on HRVG. I didn't know until I got one from Jared a few months back. DOes anyone even check?