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Thread: Analysis Training...Roll Call

  1. Default Aloha Fortune...

    Aloha Fortune,

    Thanks for the recommendation, I will give you a holler after we decide what we are going to do in regards to the class.


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    Fortune Guest

    Default Good I do alot of yard-yellin myself

    Guess thats the hillbilly in me. I may be able to find siome intersted candidates then you can screen them as you wish. i think what everyone will have as FAQ is approximately how much time a week might they expect to put in duruing training? In my case i'm a slow starter and have no life so im at your service whatever it takes.

  3. Default Aloha Fortune...

    Hey Fortune,

    Certainly forward the info to me


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    Fortune Guest

    Default amy pre production reading avaiilable?

    I thought you said there might be a glossary or sonne files or videos that i might be able to go over or some material from the on line methiosds traing i couyld go over, It take me longer with my sight so i hope that i might get my hands on some material. Anything from the method training ? Video files ? i cvould peruse. any agreement you want signed before i read pls sendf./ i know you guys are busuy . Is Sita dont with her papers and all ?

    There somer mountain property near her that has campgrounds corals strucvture some women might be looking for another invesdted for this place as a veenue a place for events, a center of sorts they are drummers and have been training alot of women drummers, I have a well kind of luminous sense about the people i havent gone up to see the prroperty - it might be neat some day to have a venue - a mainland sanctuary, when you and guild members might ejoy a setting to whio knows do some training, a home away from home..who knows. I'vel long felt the guild would have a foot print on the mainland, a sorta excuse the expression a left coast learng healing annex.And i work with the earth forces i call them devas some call them other things they have trasded benifit and direction. They more or less got me the land i now own near the beach. And theyve been prompting mer to get more land.
    The only glimpse i ever got of myself as an elder was in such a place of retreart and learning combining the new and nature. Veruy peacefully long white hair kinda hippified headband a stone desk with all manner off tech gadgets handiing the baton to capable young hands .

    Like you guys are want to say ...i feel something coming....ive always tried to follow where guidance leads,

    You know i just though about the reading advise i got from some folks at Damanhur italy when i went and stayed a month to study,. Thery said when i asked about nmy rv direction. That i would be best of service to wait some yrs and work with an established group of rvers that i had yet to know ort be moved with. Until then there was actually danger in dealing too closely with others in the field they called them sharks. that was some yrs back and i felt frustrated and impatient ( idnt know of any organized teaching working group with heart)and even alittle spooked. I wonder if this vision might include the guild. I dont know. I dont see much else in rv that strikes me as movuing in that direction.Does anyone of yalls intuition have any vision along this line?
    How many members are local there and how many live else where? Ho=w many members trained and active would you kllike to have in 5 or 10 years?
    I i hsave to bug Glernn every so often - how many biooks will he have written ( Dick too for that matter)

    I shouldnt be feeling this ambitious at an age most people think retirement, but i sense if i am tio ever get off planet i muszt get sonme "good work done" as in the "work" path. I believe doing what ever encioourages and supports and prods Glenn to wtite is definately of service of the future of rv and psi understanding. Can we swear here- probably not but Glenns an fing genius at what he understands and can do and can push thed envelope if he doesnt isolated himself in paradise and a few good folks, Rv may be just a opast fad 10 15 yrs from now and siomething "sexier" taken its place - if no one pushes the envelope and brings new life into rv and centers it amonst a growing band of learners. I dont think a book a year is too much to ask do you guys teehee. I would need a real long stick to prod him across the big water so its up to hyall in hula land. Even if the training doesnt happen maybe ive put a bug in a few ears and you whi realize what a great resource you have in glenn may see its a very good vision for him to develop and share some of the insights and developing systems you guys have a hand it. Hes a good man but a redhead liked myself and se can tend go want to not want to deal with the people that are not willing to put in the effiort or grow, And a lot dont deserve a even break but theres alot of fresth nee and seeking folks who want to find life and intelligent discouurse in the field thsat holds the mosdt promise, I admire Glen for niot forming a cukklt of peersonality ir setytingg himself up as guruglenn- beside hes to edgey and grumpy for that haha. But he has a passion to be a REAL teacher and its enevitable he will impsact more and more people . Ok unless he holes uop in a cave . But i think thsat redheadedness makes him also too teed off with slackers and opportunity wasters to do that.

    Ok this isd maybe more words than anyone writes obn this board and never about Glenn like he wasnt listening. Grin I notice that theres many many reads of all the posts but few people post much or at all. I asked if therre was some rul mot to post too muych ? I huess you guys are just the silent type and you get to see each iother once a week. I was kinda scared of Glenn when i met him and thoufgt boy id never post on his BB , hed probably greatly dislike my weays of exopression and i wouild be mince meat and booted in 2 days. HOwever i am still kicking and i knowe Glen is a gentleman not a chavanist (sp) so he wouldnty pick on me for being an opinionated girkl . (ok uyou guys wuiill protect me right huh? Huh? haha) Perhaps He sees the weisdom of giving me reading material to shut me up eh? (heuy i didnt cuss) i wont preview cause id chicken out sending maybe.

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