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    Sergeant Courtney Wheaton has completed her Combat Tour in Afghanistan and has returned safe and sound back to the USA. I spoke to her earlier today and she had just landed on the east coast and was waiting to get back on the bird to head to her home base in Idaho. Her leave papers are in and she will be coming home to Hawaii in July for a few weeks of sun and fun. There will be a party .


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    Dick Allgire Guest

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    I'm sure you are relieved and it will be a big party. Thanks for your daughter's service.


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    Thanks Dick,

    I think we all worry for our children when they are downrange. Most in the Guild remember Courtney while she was in college and selling scuba gear at the Pearl Harbor PX. She has really grown up since then. Her career in Intelligence is blossoming and I look for her to transition soon over to NSA or DIA. She enjoys the work a great deal. First thing she asked after she let me know she was homeward bound was if there would be a Guild Party. She misses you guys too (or maybe our parties).

    She said when they landed in Maine the VFW rushed to the airport to meet the plane and everyone lined up to shake their hand and thank each of them. It brought a lot of tears to their eyes as they realized they were indeed home.

    Anyway she has certainly earned some time on the beach with no suicide bombers or rocket attacks to spoil her day. She should be in the islands around the middle of July. More when we know it.


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    Aloha Dick & All,

    The Maine Troop Greeter's snapped a photo of Court at the Bangor Airport as she came in from Afghanistan.

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