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Thread: Skip Atwater at HRVG

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Skip Atwater at HRVG

    On Monday June 18 at the regular class at Kaneohe HRVG members will be able to hear a great lecture- with Q & A - featuring Skip Atwater.

    Skip visited Hawaii and gave this private presentation for us on 5-13-2002. He graciously allowed me to video tape the entire event. Since some of the new members of HRVG have not had a chance to view this great interaction with one of the legends of RV we will present this on June 18.

    I'll have to miss class on 11 June because of family matters, but I'll bring the video of the presentation for us to view the next Monday. I'll also bring some copies for the HRVG library.

    For anyone interested in RV spending an evening with Skip Atwater is a rare and wonderful opportunity.

    See you in class on the 18th.



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    Default Skipp video

    You say you have a video? an it be copied or copied to DVD? I would love to see it.

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Skip Video

    I have the original on two 60 minute Digital High 8 tapes.

    I've been trying to get it imported into Final Cut Pro so I can burn to DVD, but I'm getting dropped frames. I'll keep trying.


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