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Thread: HRVG down under?

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    Default HRVG down under?

    If I remember right, there was an hrvg group in Australia?
    I sem to remember there being someone down there teaching the HRVG method. I told someone about it but have not been able to find the website.

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    Aloha Robert,

    Mark Brown is an HRVG instructor in Australia. He completed his Online Training and then came to Hawaii for all his advanced coursework. He runs courses every now and again. Mark is tops in my book. We have Michelle McNamara also in OZ and a few others. Interesting about Michelle is that she produced the Perfect S-3 (site sketch) while taking classes here in Hawaii.


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    Default Oz

    Thanks Glenn:
    I sent you a private email. A young man down there is trying to get in touch
    with someone who represents hrvg. I sent he email address to you.

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