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Thread: Spoon bending and the magic hand

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    Default Spoon bending and the magic hand

    JP brough up a good idea about trying to get behind the scenes and checking out the magic books and websites. It would be an interesting to see how they do it.
    Here are some websites or go to and type in Magic acts and spoon bending.

    Most magic tricks rely on specially prepared materials, in this case a special spoon desinged for that purpose. BUT can they bend on of mine.

    28k - 4 sec @ 56k Re: Bending Spoons -- Paranormal Secrets

    What I find curious is that I have seen film of Geller bending a spoon but using none of the fake tricks involved. How is that explained?
    spoon bending -- Paranormal Secrets

    ... i am still studying uri geller and the paranormal. i still believe in uri as a gifted psychic and his spoon bending.
    More Results from
    Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society » The Secrets of ...

    The Secrets of Spoon Bending and Phonebook Tearing ... There’s a spoon bending gaff you can buy in any magic shop, but apparently Geller ...
    72k - 10 sec @ 56k Spoon Bending

    Quantum physics is now discovering something our ancestors took for granted--the ability of the human mind to shape and shift their surroundings.
    Mentalism -- Spoon Bending (Mallusionist)

    Mentalism, Spoon Bending: The real secrets of the worst magic, and the worst secrets of real magicians. Be prepared to mystify yourself.

    Spoon Bending Exercise Three First and foremost find an inexpensive quality spoon and test its resistance ... This is my favorite spoon ...

    Spoon bending trick - Party Tricks - AOL Show Me

    Do the spoon-bending skills of Uri Geller have you reaching for the cutlery drawer? Well, your dreams have come true.

    ... objects using the mind's energies, such as bending a spoon, or key, by just holding it and focusing.
    Free magic tricks revealed, learn to do easy magic tricks and

    Magic Mind Bending Secrets To Stretch Your Imagination ... answers and secrets to closely guarded magic secrets, impromptu card tricks and ...
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    Spoon bending secrets
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    Fortune Guest

    Question What's your take on spoon bending?

    What do you and others think ? I went to one of those bending parties at a conference and everyone yelling bend bend i couldnt help but wonder how much wishing wanting and leaning on the utensils was involved rather than pk. I have seen evidence that leads me to think pk IS possible but not at that pk party.

    An example of how people at such can be sheep was the fact that there was standing room only. The folks were lined up around the back two deep and i noticed you couldnt even cop a lean against a wall. So i see there is a large expanse of floor space in front of the piles of silverware and seems logical to me as a paying guest that is prime sitting room and i plop my bowhind down to sit and listen to jack h talk. You could sense the herd mind going oh no one of herd is making independent step will the wolf see and eat them now? Ater about 20 minutes i think a couple more sheep were convinced it was safe and sat also. That made me think how easily those in the group suspend individual critical judgement in a group setting to see and believe ?

    so what's your own experience bending spoons and any thoughts then on how its done?

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    Fortune Guest


    So with the spoon bending party at the conference ..i will take pictures of anyones bent spoons if they like. But.. Doesnt it seem there should be some measure of softness of spoons or some, i dont know, objective measure of pressure needed to bend various silverware? Like a same brand, some test or something to majke results more meaningful? It seems so subjective to leave it up to the bender to know or relate whether it was pk or elbowgrease applied and to what extent. The only bending i woukld regard validated to likely be not mechanical force would be the thick rodfs one cant bend when tried by strength alone. I remember before they had ywo piles of sopoons/forks one softer easy ones to begin with then another pile of sturdier ones and later a few of the thick rods. I rummaged through the piles looking for at least a couple decent utensils to take home for my ten bucks entry fee. Some of the soft ones were of the cheap variety than get bent trying to scoop icecream. Didnt find much worth poceting in the firmer group, sigh. i leaned towards mass hypnosis theory with all the yelling BEND BEND

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    I had the great good luck to go to a Jack Houck spoonbending party. This was not at the conference but at another location in Southern Cal. His parties are pretty much the same all over. The have the people yell bend and you try to bend your spoon..... the whole thing is a total farce (no kidding)

    I would avoid these parties, they are fun to go to, but don't expect to learn anything from them. The mass hynosis thing might "float" but then again.... the way he run's them is more of a joke. It's not that I dislike Jack.... but dang these parties promise too much and deliver so little.

    I DO believe spoon's can be bent with the power of the mind....but these spoon bending parties are not the place to get it done.

    Good luck with anyone who wishes to go.... I would love to see your report's!

    What get's me, is even with all this terrible feedback from folks who go, Jack still gives these parties and many times they are packed. He's been doing this for year's and year's and he'll probably be making money until he passes on. What a great gig.... I wish I had thought of it!!


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    Fortune Guest


    Yes it was Jack who ran the one i went to. People are curious and they will pay ten bucks or so for the entertainment and novelty. I am curious if Lyn Buchcanan will do things any differently. I enjoy Lyn's downhomey f-em if they cant take a joke delivery, how he dosen't care if his opinions or take on things correspond to "established" versions.(tho i dont always agree with either) He was open and encouraging to me early on saying he loved to get a hold of Morehouse students because he knew they got a rigorous by the book crv training and although we differ on the need fior a monitor, he was the only one doing ERv as a serious method for accuracy. So i am curious if he approaches the spoon twisting any differently.

    i as its done its "for enertainment only' in that its too totally subjective,

    I am nowdays prone to use a flexible bastardized combo of crv-erv as the tasking and situation seems to call for. I want to add HRVG to my tool box because i want to see to what extent i can develop my skills. I am hoping after Dicks presentation at conference there will be enough eager folks wanting to do an online training to have it happpen.

    If theres ever a HI based training intensive I'd try to swim over if need be to learn the method. You guys are lucky to have an ongoing classroom situation with Glenn. i think he is pushing the rv envelop and although i tell him he makes my brain itch trying to grok what he is saying - i think its worth it. i always want the best, if i can get it, Grin.

  6. Default Aloha All...

    I have always been fascinated by the prospect of telekinesis and from time to time over the last 40 years or so dedicated a great deal of time playing with it. Whether a force of mind or an anomaly of proximity fields it nevertheless has its allure. Like a few of you I also attended a Jack Houk demonstration and did find it entertaining. I remember General Stubblebine's statement regarding a pile of bent silverware at Fort Bragg to selected Intel people he had come to visit. He said it is not really about bending the metal but more the realization that if I can do this with my mind then what else can I do? It was always about potentials and not about a mind assisted bend to the fork tines. At Hrvg every now and then we will make a batch of small propellers on needles and play with mind wrestling. I cannot think of anyone who has participated that did not walk away knowing something had happened. While not exactly explainable it dose stimulate potentials of thought, or in thought.

    If there is but a single fork or spoon that indeed bent on its own as a result of mind stimulus then it is true. I have seen that spoon and know it exists. In knowing of its existence I realize that potential as a truth. A small truth, not really even that impressive as a feat of mind strength or physical strength, but a truth nonetheless and leaves one with its potential possibilities.


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    In the middle of all this spoonbending discussion... the only thing that would really matter, to me anyhow when I think it about it, is:

    What are the 5 easy step's to bending a spoon?

    (and these step's would be something anybody could perform, which would probably take much practice... but in the end... the spoon would bend).

    I doubt you'll ever see this information given out. But I do believe SOME people know it.

    Now if we could just figure out.... exactly how to get it done.


    I forgot to add up above I also took a spoonbending course by James Twyman, who had the ability to bend spoon's bestowed on him by a special person (from what I know of the story). He tried to teach other's in an online course.... but he got the same result's as Jack.... very few if any bend the spoon's. But I do believe James can bend spoon's, but then again... how many are lucky enough to have this ability bestowed on them?...... and so it goes.

    I also agree with Glenn's post.... once you bend a spoon, the first thing you should ask is "what else can I do with this ability"... bending the spoon's only the beginning.

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    Fortune Guest


    That's why i would like to see some way of validating when a spoon is bend by the mind and some protocol; that would ensure only psi is at work. It would probably need to be one that couldnt be bent by muscle alone. I am pretty sure pk can have an effect on objects but the sopoon bending as its done doesnt have any objective way of measureing when that happens.

    Glenn if you all spin enough properllers we will have our new free energy source, mind-mills. Grin

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    I agree protocal's would be nice, but knowing how the military does things, I would bet anything that fall's under the "spoon bending" category would probably still be classified, which mean's we'll never see it in the public domain.

    It would be nice if someone else could put together some protocal's but they would probably charge huge sum's of money to learn them.

    Here are those propeller things on needles just in case anyone wishes to see how your mind can move solid objects:

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    Fortune Guest


    Report from conference spoon bending...when Lyn said nobody was leaving without a bend spoon, after no luck followed by more no luck at it. I stomped on mine. Technique place spoon at inclined angle, place forefoot on handle and push til enough bent to stomp vigorously.No yelling Bend! required. I didnt say i used my mind, just my foot.

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