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Thread: Spoon bending and the magic hand

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    What you did when you bent your spoon (using physical force instead of "mind force") is what 99% of the people do at spoonbending parties, including the one I went to. I have yet to see in person anyone bend a spoon with their minds, but of course you hear plenty of second hand stories about how folks did.... and so it

    There's a new program on Wed. night at 8pm called Phenomenon that has mentalists compete against each other, this will be a weekly show. Uri Geller is one of the judges. They didn't have spoon benders on this show, but I would imagine in the future they will. The illusions they did were quite should tune in... I would bet in time they'll also do some remote viewing.

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    If i saw someone just holding by the handle i'd think it more likely psi or mind not muscle. Mostly people looked like the were leaning on them to bend. I think Lyn got some tough spoons this time. I playfully twisted one at dinner that was softer. I would have rather done the outbounder target than this "event" or practiced map dowsing or some hands on.

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    Aloha Fortune,

    Spoons and Frogs.... Sometime you have to kiss a heap 'O frogs to find the Prince. I am sure that Spoon is out there....somewhere.


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    Maybe if i kiss enough princes i'll find it.

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    Tamra Guest

    Default spooning frogs

    Spooning with a prince sounds nice (said with a frog in my throat... which of course is better than being a little horse).

    At the conference, I made a belt of bent spoons -- one for every bent frog I ever kissed. The special ops frogs were the most bent of all ... great kissers, but too bent for proper spooning.

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    In 1972 and 73 i tried a number of psi experiments enlisting some witnesses most of them thinking i was full of hooey, so i could validate for myself any results were't my imagination. A PK experiment i attempted was to "levitate" or move a pack of Kool cigarettes in my Venice Beach apartment. In order to prevent some mass hallucination (no we werent smoking the vegitation) i sat the four witnesses down, laid the pack on a coffee table and drew an outline around the pack with a marker pen. Then i announced i would not smoke a cig until i moved at least part of that pack outside the line. Inspired by a book i'd read on russian pk, i held my hands above the kools and tried every mental way i could to lift push pull, to not try, to concentrate. By the second hour of this my friends were getting bored and i was beginning to regret my vow not to smoke til i moved the pack. I even tried to pk a cig out of the pack. About the time i felt a nicotine fit conming on and saving face didnt seem an option, the air felt different when i passed my hand over the pack denser some how, almost like it was thicker and i concentrated on tugging the phantom pack abiout 6 inches above the real one. It felt like there was a certain stickiness to it a resistence of some sort in an area corresponding to the pack in the air above it. I wanted a smoke and the pack had to move, I concen, like physical work too.i concen trated in an effort that felt like work and almost felt like invisible pack was beginning to stick to my hand as i passsed across it so i tried to pull it off the mark. Finally it a playfully desperate intense effort when i passed my hand over and it seemed to cling i jerked with all the mental force i could muster. Before the phantom pack released from my hand above it jerked and moved one inch or move out of the left top cornor of the out line and stopped.One witness screamed one ran into the other room, i admitt i screamed too startled. I carefully took a smoke from the pack exhausted tired like i'd been lifting weights. I knew then pk was possible but i knew it wasnt exactly an easy way to move anything for the energy expended.On the plus side the gal who ran out of the room brought back all the stuff she'd borrowed and had never returned. I dont tell folks about this because people tend to just say prove it and i dont feel a need to, i did what i set out and that was to prove it to myself.

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    I found an online spoon bender's course, which seem's to be very cheap, if I understand it correctly. Anyone interested might do well to check this out:

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    Lately there has been a TV show preforming mind bend magic and
    then showing the public how its done. I am amazed at how simple the tricks, making an tank vanich, pulling a rabbit out of a hat etc really is. I have to wonder if they will ever show the spoon bending trick.

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    The name of the show you're talking about is "Breaking the magician's code", which first aired on TV 10 year's ago in 1997, so they are a little old. There were 3 show's I believe, which you can buy on video or DVD, in 3 volumes. I found volumes one and two on

    David Copperfield was very upset with these show's since they gave away most of his trick's (not to mention other big migician's too).

    I've seen all 3 part's but can't remember if spoonbending was in there somewhere.


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