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    Dick Allgire Guest

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    I have started creating ideograms for the IDEOGRAM TEST we discussed tonight in class.

    I have created a master "legend" sheet with various target ID's. I am using randomly selected 4 letter ID's.

    I generate a 4 letter ID.

    I select a substance with specific and identifiable sensory "feel."

    On the master legend I write the ID, followed by the name of the item or substance and description of what it feels like.

    Then I take a separate clean sheet of paper and touch and experience the substance or item while I write the ID and create and ideogram with the "FEEL" embedded in the ideogram. I do this 4 -5 times on a page. Then I take a clean sheet of paper and repeat the process, writing the ID, experiencing the sense and feel of what I am physically touching with my left hand while creating and embedding that feel in an ideogram on the page with my pen.

    I do about 5 -6 pages for each "target" so we can pass them around.

    I'll bring a batch next week.



    PS I wonder if we could get Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs" to make some for

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Ideograms

    Hey Glenn,

    The fingers on my left hand are raw from handling, touching, rubbing, immersing in stuff. I put a whole bunch of pages of well impregnated ideograms in the mail to you today.

    They should be good to go.


  3. Default Aloha Dick...

    Hey Dick,

    Thanks for the effort to do it just like I requested. I think that the work will make it easier to prove that ideographic data persists and can be decoded by anyone trained to do so. The continuing question about whether Remote Viewing and its' related skills are in-fact trainable will be a subject of hot debate down the road and the Ideogram will be paramount in answering that question.


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